Interactive Floor

Interactive Floor Systems

Interactive FloorTransform your standard floor of any type into an interactive surface that is sure to draw a crowd.

Interactive Floor works on Carpet, Concrete, Tile, Wood and many other flooring types.

How does it work?

Screen Solutions Interactive Floor System is a hardware and software solution designed to be integrated into your existing location with ease.  With the interactive floor system you can transform almost any existing floor with this unique and easy to use system that can be installed in just minutes.

An interactive floor will both amaze and impress anyone passing by the floor and attract him or her right towards the interactive surface as it is almost irresistible. With its ease of integration and remarkable attraction and advertising capabilities these systems are currently being utilized in retail, commercial, casinos, museum, airport, shopping mall, storefronts, restaurants and many other spaces.

Interactive Floor Shopping CenterInteractive Floors are available in 3 standard options –

  • Single Interactive Floor System
  • Double Interactive Floor System
  • Triple Interactive Floor System

Each System includes the Projector, Camera, Mount, Mini PC, Software


  • Integrate advertising into your entertainment
  • Flexible Image Sizes

What do you get? The Interactive Floor System is comprised of the following Hardware & Software –

  • Projector
  • Camera
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Mini PC
  • Software
  • Floor (yours of course)

Interactive Floor Packages starting at just $2995.00, expansion and options are available.

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