Real Estate Touch Screen

Touch Screen Real Estate Marketing for today's connected generation.

Interactive Real Estate Storefronts

There is no better time to connect with a customer then when they are in eyesight of your office, never underestimate the power of intrigue. Installing a RealTsoft touch screen window display customer acquisition system in your storefront will attract, engage and connect you with potential buyers even when you are closed.

WindowAgent is a 24/7 virtual assistant on your real estate office window. Never again will a customer need to wait until your open sign is on, with your virtual window-shopping assistant you will always be available to assist.

WindowAgent is specifically designed from the ground up with the progressive real estate agent in mind, if you are always looking for a way to serve and connect with your customers more effectively WindowAgent is for you.

WindowAgent Touch Screen Display Benefits –

  • You’re always open
  • Capture and Connect with Warm Leads
  • Connects with MLS
  • Outshine your Competition
  • No Setup Required
  • Customize your Listings
  • Works Day or Night
  • Offset Cost with Ad Module
  • Your Logo, your Branding
  • Photos and Virtual Tours
  • Works Anywhere
  • Integrated with Google Maps
  • Property Search
  • Use on Real Estate Kiosks, Real Estate Touch Screen Table, Real Estate Window Display and more……

WindowAgent Features –

  • MLS Link – Manual or Automatic Property Upload
  • Customizable for your company- Logo, Office Name, Graphics and more
  • Integrates with Google Maps
  • Easy to use admin controls, learn to use in just minutes
  • Add, Update, Manage, Delete from anywhere in the world
  • Optimized for Touch Screens

Purchase Options Available

  • Lease to Own (dollar buy out)
  • Cash Purchase
  • Credit Card