Anti Glare Film

Anti-glare film removes glare from glass and plastic while enhancing your brightness, contrast levels and maintaining image quality and uniformity.

The largest obstacle to clear and viewable window displays is the glare and reflection that comes standard with any glass or acrylic. By adding our Anti Glare film to your window or display you will dramatically reduce glare and reflection and ensure that your displays and products are fully visible.

Benefits of Anti Glare Film on Retail Window Storefronts

  • Window glare film lowers glare and reflection
  • Increases viewable brightness
  • Clear view into store or displays
  • Works with rear projection films, touch screens or standard displays

Anti Glare Roll size 48″x33′. Cut sizes available

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Anti Glare Window Film and you

Windows no matter the shape size, thickness or manufacturer all have one inherent problem that problem is that glass is a reflective surface or sometimes known as glare. Storefront brick and mortar retailers are increasingly looking for solutions and products to eliminate or reduce the nasty effects of reflection off of their windows back at the consumer. We all know that retail window displays for a century or so have been the main grassroots marketing tactic of the local merchant; tremendous efforts and resources have been poured into the art and methods of attracting clients by crafting the perfect storefront window displays.

With all this investment into displays of products like clothes, appliances, tools, toys, furniture and more it is no wonder that merchants are looking for ways in this economy to make their display stand out amongst the crowd and be sure to be noticed. By eliminating or reducing the reflection and glare off of your window with anti glare window film; you actually in a sense trick the viewers eyes and brain and make them take a second look; you are probably wanting to know why or even how that is possible?

Think of it like this, you are driving or walking down the street and as you glance at the different storefronts, displays and retailers you get a nice reflection or mirrored image of whom? Yes the answer is you see you, your car and maybe even the person or car next to you; it’s important to realize at this point that you are not trying to reach that perspective client with an image of themselves or their vehicle but rather what is inside the store. How much time do you really spend outside your store looking to see what it is the customer sees, feeling what the customer feels and wanting to improve the perspective of the buyer?

Now let’s imagine for a minute that you are driving or walking down the same street and you are looking around at the different storefronts, displays and shops and once again you are seeing yourself or your car and then like in the old cartoons “BAM, KaPOW” you have a break in the scenery and an entire storefront seems to jump out at you; as beautiful as you are – occasionally it is nice to have a break in the scenery of us once in a while and see something different.

Inside you see the displays and products that the retailer has put on display with the intention that you would actually be able to see them and appreciate their efforts and investment by venturing inside to take a closer look. So what was it that made that one storefront window jump out opposed to all the others? Well simple really and in fact reasonable too – the store owner or manager found an amazing simple technology called Anti-Reflective Film that reduces the amount of reflection off of a particular piece of glass.

The benefits and uses of window glare film particular product are ever growing but many the current uses are as follows –

Place the anti-reflective film or ant glare film on the outside of the storefront window to add pop to a rear projection film, plasma or LCD display that is in the window; this product yes will add to the view-ability of the digital display in the window and in addition will add contrast to the image and reduce the risk of the harmful damage from the sun’s harmful rays.

Projection Film on Storefront

Place the anti-glare window film on the entire window to add viewers ability to clearly and accurately see the displays and advertisements on the other side of glass; when you apply this product to the storefront you will effectively “plug in your entire storefront” and give your window displays the edge they need to compete in this fast paced world in which you are competing for customers every day.

Place this anti-reflective film on select sections or places of your storefront to add pop and sizzle to select products, graphics or areas to create portals in the glass for consumers to have a “sneak peek, so to speak”.

So how does anti glare window film apply to you as a business owner or manager looking to increase the visibility and usability of your storefront displays and shop windows? Glare and reflectivity are inherent downfalls of the amazing product we know as glass windows, use anti-reflective film to combat these side effects and create additional sales possibilities and recognition for you and your business.

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