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eed a reference point to answer these questions about big touch screens: “How big can a Touch Screen be?” and “What is the largest size available?”

The answer is relative to the space that it is going to be placed. There is no one single answer and it is important to communicate that from the beginning. For a small Smoothie Shop in a local strip mall, it may be a 30" display system. For a Corporate Lobby with a little more square footage, it might be a 60"-80" diagonal screen.

When working on a trade-show booth or display, museum exhibit, industrial facility or public arena, a Big Touch Screen size will probably be in the 100"- 120" diagonal screen surface. A kiosk in the mall may require a 20" diagonal size while a retail store in the mall would need a large touch screen, with a 60" diagonal screen.

To determine what "Big" will mean to you and your space, it will be relative to the size of your facility. With standard Touch Screen Sizes ranging from 30" to 122" diagonal for thru-glass touch screen films and 30" - 220" for Multi-touch Infrared IR Bezels, there is a standard size to accommodate almost any customer request.

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Although most customer requests can be appropriately fulfilled with a standard product, quality interactive touch screen manufacturers offer custom sizes and aspect ratios to fit most any need. Recently SSI designed and integrated the world's largest True Multi-Touch Large Format Touch screen at a viewable size of 7' x 17' in an industrial facility.

This touch screen surface is a custom rear projection multi touch display incorporating an Infrared IR Bezel and rear projection film on glass. Although not everyone may need a "BIG" touch screen of that size, it is nice to know that if you do, it has been done before.

A common misunderstanding and misconception about touch screens is the difference between single, dual and true multi-touch. As you approach the idea or implementation of a big or large format touch screen you will want to address this question to avoid significant ghost points and insufficient touch points for the size of the screen.

If you are planning on more than one person interacting with the screen at one time, this is a very important point to address from the beginning. A common big touch screen for retail storefront windows is 40"-65". This type of touch screen system is called thru-glass touch screen film on glass and will most likely involve the integration of rear projection film.

This simple yet powerful solution is being utilized by local and international brands and chain stores to create an interactive user experience. This technology is non-threatening to retail traffic and can be installed and fully operational in just a couple of hours.

When using a film type touch screen it is applied to a surface and the display or projection surface is placed behind it.When using a bezel you will place it directly over the top of the display surface instead of behind it; both varieties have their own strengths and weaknesses and it is important that you determine your application and requirements prior to purchasing your equipment.

A manufacturing facility had a recent installation of a 100" widescreen thru-glass touch screen film and rear projection film. This big touch screen system is being used for client presentations, project status updates and more; before this system was in place the client would have to walk out onto the plant floor to physically see the progress of their product.

Although there is a place for that type of presentation it does not lend itself to impressing multimillion dollar clients like a large format big touch screen display with actual media in high definition.

Traditional or custom, a big touch screen is not only conceivable but also realistic and readily available.

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