Create an Interactive Experience with Touch Foils

Touch Foils are a large format projected capacitance film that can be applied to glass and many other surfaces to add interactive touch capabilities. Touch Foil with rear projection filmThey are touchable through glass and can be used indoors, outdoors, through windows, in kiosks, and many other non-conductive surfaces. Touch Foils can provide services, shopping, and information whether your business is open or closed.
The Touch Foil can be applied directly to a window or glass sheet. A rear projection screen or LCD monitor can be mounted behind the Touch Foil to complete a through glass touch experience.
Touch Foils use unique projected capacitance technology. The Touch Foil consists of an X-Y grid of ultra thin insulated sensing wires laminated between two sheets of clear polyester plastic. These wires connect to the controller. The Touch Foil is attached to a non-conductive, non-conductive substrate (glass, acrylic, wood, etc).
When the substrate is touched, the capacitance changes. The controller senses the change and calculates the X and Y coordinates. This information is passed to the computer or interactive software application.
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