Electric Glass

Privacy - at the Flip of a Switch.

Electric Glass is a thin layer of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film sandwiched between two layers of protective material. When an electrica lcurrent is applied to the film, the liquid crystals line up,switching the glass from an opaque state to a clear state.Alternately, when the electrical current is removed, the liquid crystals return to their scattered positions and switch the glass back to being opaque.

Privacy in an instant is easy, efficient, and cutting edge with Electric Glass.

This product is finished and ready to install. The Electric Glass Film is safely laminated between two pieces of glass and sealed. This can be ordered to replace existing glass in a window frame or for new or custom projects.

Electric Glass Basic Specs:

Power (On/Off) Transparent/Opaque
Solar Reduction Up to 40%
UV Block More than 98%
Operating Temperature -13°F ~ 185°F
Operating Voltage 110 VAC
Energy Usage 0.4cWatts/SF
Low Volt Option
Can be Tiled

Download Electric Glass Spec Sheet: