Electric Glass Switchable Smart Film

Electric Switchable Privacy Glass Smart FilmDo you love the look of a clear glass and enjoy the openness that clear glass offers for partitions in offices, bathrooms, showers and dressing rooms provide but you would also like to be able to have cover for privacy when needed? That’s where electric smart glass comes in. This technology switches the color of the glass from clear, to opaque so you cannot see through it.

This is where electric glass comes in. This smart glass technology switches the color of the glass from clear, to opaque so you cannot see through it.

In addition electric glass smart film surfaces can be utilized for image projection whether clear or when frosted. As you can imagine, you get different effects depending upon which you use.

When switched to clear electric glass smart film offers a holographic image projection, while frosted offers a rear projection display. Not only can you can electric privacy glass smart film offer users privacy as well as UV protection, you can also get multipurpose use from the surfaces as an digital projection surface.

Imagine the uses for electric glass in a board room? With the “now you see me, now you don’t” technology going clear to white with a flip of a switch you will make your space truly stand out and look very high tech. The electric privacy glass smart film is used in churches, medical offices, and even gentleman’s clubs.

The uses for electric glass are only limited by your imagination. This switchable electric smart glass film can provide privacy at the flip of a switch.

There are many uses for electric glass smart film that will add privacy to any situation, from the boardroom, to the waiting room, to the exam room. You can use with tinted, reflective or even mirrored glass for different results as well as use it internally or externally with optimum results such as offering a unique sun-room with electric glass walls, glass floors or a skylight.

Electric privacy glass smart film can be used all throughout your home or business for spectacular results. If you have a wonderful view that you want to be able to enjoy most of the time, but there are times when you want privacy? Either at night, during foul weather or in particular intimate moments then privacy glass is for you.

Switchable electric privacy glass smart film is perfect for a dining room or bedroom with a view instead of walls that block out nature all the time. You can view nature when you want to, and block it out when you do not.

An added benefit to the beautiful look, and usefulness, electric glass smart film offers many energy saving benefits and even UV protection. By eliminating the need for drapes and blinds you can also reduce the amount of allergy causing materials in a space and the extra clean up needed because of them.

Imagine the difference when you don’t have to deal with curtains, drapes and blinds in every room of your home or office. Instead you have beautiful privacy glass wall that will blend well with any decor.

Electric Privacy Glass and smart film glass is manufactured by embedding a thin LCD Film in between to pieces of glass. The natural state of LCD Film used in switchable electric glass is white or opaque so there is no need to worry in the event of a power outage.

The best way to integrate electric switchable smart film efficiently into a existing or future space or architecture is to order and install a finished solution. Electric privacy glass is manufactured to your specifications and delivered ready to install.

Be sure that you only use professional switchable privacy glass smart film to reduce the risk of potential hazard due to inferior workmanship or technology. Switchable Smart Film like Electric Glass is recommended to be purchased as a finished solution for your project. This technology is environmentally friendly and requires a minimum amount power to switch the electric glass from white to clear.

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