Reflection Screen

The Future is Bright.

Going beyond the limitations of traditional front projection screens, the Reflection Front Screen presents new options and possibilities for both home and professional display applications. Reflection’s durability and image quality are unmatched.

Screen Solutions Reflection Front-Projection Screen is perfect for home theater screen applications. Unlike traditional fabric screens, the matte white surface of reflection provides truer color representation. No hot-spotting - guaranteed! This front-projection screen will last the lifetime of your installation, will not sag, warp, fade, or peel - making replacement cost a thing of the past. The Reflection Front-Projection Screen is made without films or layers allowing for easy cleaning.

Reflection Screen Basic Specs:

Gain 3.0 ± 0.5
Screen Color White
Viewing Angle 180º
Reflection of Light 80%
Contrast No added contrast
Thickness Standard 3mm or 5mm
Maximum Size 78" x 118"
Scren Finish Matte

Download Reflection Screen Spec Sheet: