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These unique speakers transform non-porous surfaces such as glass into speakers in just a few minutes. Simply stick the window speaker to your glass or solid
surface, connect your input to the supplied amplifier and let the good times roll. Play Music, Commercials, Audio Files, Digital Satellite Radio and more. This exciting technology uses the vibrations in sound waves to transform everyday objects such as glass windows into amazing and powerful audio speakers.

Add glass window speakers to your window advertising digital signage and relate to your customers with even more effectivness.

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  • 4 ohm impedance (± 15% )
  • Basic window speaker dimensions : Max OD Ö 51.5mm, Thickness –22.5mm, Weight - 153gms
  • Nominal Power rating – 25W rms, Max Power rating – 30W rms according to IEC 268-5
  • Heat resistance – tested at 55°C for 14hrs, Cold resistance – tested at -25°C for 2 hrs
  • Humidity resistance - tested at 40°C for 48hrs, 90-95% humidity for 48 hrs
  • Removable and Reusable
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