Holographic Projection Screen

Holographic Projection Screens

Buy Holographic Intrigue Rear Projection ScreenHolographic projection has become a global phenomenon and in the last few years Screen Solutions has seen an overwhelming demand for this technology, as interest increases so do the misconceptions and further need for proper education. Screen Solutions Intrigue line of holographic projection screens are available in both projection film and rigid projection screen surfaces.

Intrigue Holographic Projection ScreenUpon reviewing the information on this page and the accompanying pages you will have both a clear understanding and comprehensive grass roots training on the holographic projection screens – what they are and what they are not and most importantly how to use them.

To start there are a number of misconceptions and repeat questions we hear everyday regarding holographic projection screens, by answering these common questions which you may or may not have it will serve as the best way to immerse yourself in holographic projection screen technology. There are several topics and a plethora of practical information regarding holographic projection and best practices; if for any reason you don’t find the answer to your question please use the contact form or call Screen Solutions at 888-631-5880

This picture shows you a 120″ Diagonal, Screen Solutions Intrigue Holographic Rear Projection Screen in an Under Armour Retail Store – Pennsylvania. They use this particular holographic projection screen for in-store digital signage and media presentation.

Great for 3D object floating on a Intrigue transparent holographic projection screen.

3D graphics floating on a Intrigue transparent holographic projection screen.

3D wireframe graphics on a Intrigue Rear Projection Screen

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