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SSI Touch-Frame products are the latest, most efficient, have the slimmest profile, and offer the most accurate simultaneous Points-of-Touch technology available on the market today.

Purchase either a DIY Multi-Touch Frame ready to install onto your existing TV or video wall, or a fully integrated unit complete with Display. We offer products ranging from 2 – 40 simultaneous Points-of-Touch. All Points give a user the ability to drag, drop, swipe, throw, rotate, and size images. The higher the number of Touch-Points, the more users can operate the Touch-Screen at the same time – single user (2 Points-of-Touch) or multi user (4 – 40 Points-of-Touch.)

A short list of the many applications for Multitouch Touch-Screen technology can be found below. If not listed, please call if you have questions about using Multitouch Frames in your application or industry – 888-631-5880

  • Trade Show Displays
  • TV Studio Set’s
  • Business Lobby Display Boards
  • Video Walls
  • Conference Rooms

Multi Touch Screen Overlay Multitouch Touch-Screen Overlay specifications can be found below. Please note that in an effort to continually improve our products, this information may change without notice. We offer current specification sheets, drawings, and additional information on a request basis.

  • Available Sizes:32’’- 350’’ Diagonal (Customized upon special requests)
  • Frame Dimension:30mm width, 6mm thickness (without glass or frame); 35mm width, 8.9mm thickness (without glass, with frame)
  • Touch Technology:Infrared
  • Touch Resolution:32767×32767
  • Touch Response Time:Typical response time 7 – 13ms
  • Operating temperature:0°C – 60°C;
  • Operating Humidity:10% to 90% RH, non-condensing
  • Storage Environments Storage temperature:- 40°C – 85°C;
  • Storage Humidity:10% to 90%RH, non-condensing
  • Power Supply:USB from powered hub
  • Maximum demand from USB port:150 mA
  • Interface:USB2.0 compatible with USB 1.1
  • Operating Systems:Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS, Linux
  • Warranty:1 year parts and labor (1 year FREE warranty extension available, see Q&A Tab for details)

Multitouch Touch-Screen Q&A

What is the correct Touch-Frame size for my monitor? The easiest way to order your Touch-Frame is to determine your TV’s diagonal screen size – 32″, 50″, 70″ etc. The same size Multitouch Frame would be ordered. If you would like to confirm compatibility, please include your TV Make & Model number in the notes section on the checkout page. We will confirm compatibility prior to proceeding with your order.

Please call 888-631-5880, with any questions regarding the placement of a Touch-Screen order

What is Multitouch? Multitouch has taken Touch-Screen technology from original single and dual-touch compatibility, to simultaneous user supported Multitouch capability. Todays’ Multitouch can support up to 40 users at one time without with any one user experiencing interference from another touch. Multitouch Touch-Screen technology functions in this manner regardless of Display screen size.

Is the number of possible Touch Points limited by Frame size? Touch-Point optionsare: 2, 4, 6, 10, 16, 32, or 40. ALL options are available in ALL Touch-Frame sizes

Can Multitouch Frames be used on Video Walls? YES. SSI can design and build a custom Multitouch Frame at most any size for your Video Wall. We would need to know the Make and Model # of the components you wish to use and the configuration of your Video Wall Display. Typical Video Wall configurations are: 4×4, 2×3, 3×4 or similar

Please call with questions 888-631-5880

What technology does a Touch-Screen use? All Touch-Screens on this page and other overlays referred to on our website, use Infrared Touch-Screen technology.This is the most stable and reliable Touch-Screen technology on the market today. Infrared Touch-Screen technology projects an invisible grid pattern of infrared light across the surface of your Display – whether it is one TV, multiple units, or a Projection Screen. The grid pattern senses interruptions within it and relays this information to a computer with amazing speed and accuracy. Increasing the number of Touch Points increases the systems’ capability to process a higher number of simultaneous user interruptions within the grid.

Are Custom Multitouch Screen available? YES. More then 50% of our custom orders are for uniquely sized and shaped Touch Screens.  SSI offers custom fabrication to suit your specific application and requirements – from critical viewing area considerations to large format Touch-Screen Displays, Video Walls, and oversized Floating Image Displays. Please consult with an SSI representative regarding the details of your project, 888-631-5880

How Multitouch Screens installed? A Multitouch Screen is as easy to install:

1. Apply provided double-sided tape to Touch-Screen Frame – velcro can also be used if desired

  1. Attach Touch-Screen Frame to TV or Display surface
  2. Install supplied Drivers on MAC or PC, connect supplied USB Cable (this is the only cable required in most cases) and Calibrate

Are Multitouch Screens covered by a Warranty?  SSI offers a standard One (1) Year Warranty on all Multitouch Frame products. The Warranty covers Manufacturers’ Defects for repair or replacement. The Warranty does not cover any neglect, misuse, damage, or wear and tear beyond what is considered normal use.  Please contact SSI at 888-631-5880, for more information on Touch-Screen Warranties.


FREE WARRANTY EXTENSION:  For a FREE (1) year Warranty extension on your new Multitouch Frame – a total of (2) years of complete manufacturers coverage.  Simply complete the Form on ourMultitouch Warranty Extension page, submit a photo of your installation, and provide some brief information about your project. Once completed, SSI will forward your (1) year Warranty extension via email.

As a second Bonus, we will enter your project into our monthly drawing for a chance to be featured in our Newsletter, and a Gift Card valued at $100 to the restaurant of your choice!

ENTER TO WIN HERE . . . . . . Multitouch Warranty Extension


Are Multitouch-Screens compatible with MAC technology?  YES.  Multitouch Touch-Screen overlays are compatible with both MAC and PC

Are Multitouch-Screen Frames waterproof?  YES.  We do offer waterproof products.  Please specify waterproofing when placing an order.  Without this information, your order will be produced as a standard, non-waterproofed product.  Please speak with a customer service representative for additional information, 888-631-5880

Do Multitouch Screens require a Driver?  YES.  Multitouch Drivers are compatible with either MAC or PC, and will be included with your Multitouch Screen package.

What is the largest Multitouch Frame producible?  The largest Multitouch Screen overlay SSI has produced and installed to date, is 7′ X 17′ with 32 Points of Touch.  This system was installed over a Rear-Projection Display and included Rear-Projection Film applied to the glass.

What is the lead-time for a Multitouch Screen?  The typical Multitouch Screen order ships within 5-7 days from date of order. However, some Touch-Screen orders may take longer.  In some cases, we can expedite your order if the we have stock available in the size you request.

Where do Multitouch-Screens ship from?  Multitouch-Screens ship from either our California or Florida locations depending upon stock position at time of order and final shipping destination of product.

Who is using Multitouch-Screen technology?  Multitouch Touch-Screen technology and Screen Solutions International products are being used around the world in small and large businesses, universities and medical facilities, and in theatrical productions and Trade Shows.  A short list of recognizable National Brands currently using SSI Multitouch Touch-Screen technology is below:

  • Snap-On Tools
  • Microsoft
  • Telemundo NBC Universal
  • Ericsson Wireless
  • Stanford University School of Medicine
Product Reference (optional):