Accent Screen

Brighter. Lighter.

SSI’s Accent Rear-Projection Screen is a frostedwhite projection screen which produces very brightimages and accomodates wide viewing angles. Thisproduct is best suited for low-light environments whereproduction of the brightest image possible is necessaryfor clear viewing.

SSI recommends DLP projectors for use with Accent Rear-Projection Screens due to the higher contrast ratio found with DLP. Accent Screens are available in large, seamless sizes, and because Accent is made with no films or layers, it is ideally suited for forming and shaping into an eye-catching, unique projection display. We stock Accent Rear-Projection Screens for quick shipping nationally or worldwide.

Accent Screen Basic Specs:

Gain 7 ± 0.5
Half-Gain (Vertical & Horizontal) 40°
Viewing Angle 180º
Transmission 81%
Contrast 100:1
Weight 0.85 lbs/square foot
Maximum Single Screen Size 78" x 139" x 1/8"
Resolution Limited only by content & projector source

Download Accent Screen Spec Sheet: