Touch Screen Displays

Add On Touch Screen for Existing Digital Displays

Touch screen displays are becoming more popular with every passing day; in reality though society is driving the demand for the ability to touch everything digital they can see. What this means is that retailers, public facilities and anyone looking to attract or retain the attention of a specific viewing audience must find a solution to retrofit, add or integrate touch screens or overlays into existing or new digital displays.

    Fortunately with Screen solutions line of interactive touch screen options there is a solution for you to get started easily or jump in with both feet, Screen Solutions offers touch screen film and touch screen bezels for any standard or custom size digital display in existence. With touch functionality ranging from single, dual, 6 point and up to 32 point multitouch touch screen requirements there is a suitable solution for your fixed or portable touch screen display installation.

    Touch screen rear projection displays are many times the best option for unique or large format touch screens and ultimately a much more cost effective alternative to say a 103” plasma or 142” plasma screen. With the world gravitating towards this new concept of being able to touch everything they see and in addition wanting their experience larger than life you will sooner or later need a viable solution for touch screen displays.

    Touch screen displays are in reality in their infancy and will continue to grow in functionality, as touch screens become mainstream and application development costs decreases this technology will gain increased momentum and traction in the real world. When that time arises for you to need information, products or practical real world information Screen Solutions will be there to walk you through the process and make your interactive transition as smooth as possible.

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