Touch Screens

Touch Screens

The world market for innovative digital signage is growing by leaps and bounds. Drawing attention to your business or display is now easier than ever with rear projection films and easy-to-integrate touch screens. Turn your standard window or display into a dynamic hub for customer education and lead generation that will quickly turn prospects into clients.

Screen Solutions International offers two different types of interactive touch screen technology: touch foils and touch frames. Each is designed to provide a highly accurate, easy-to-install interface for practically any application.

Touch Foils: Dynamic Interactivity Anywhere

Imagine a flexible film that can be made to nearly any size under 116″, and can be attached to any non-metallic surface such as glass or acrylic. Interactive thru-glass touch foils are simple to integrate with a wide range of display technologies such as LCD, rear projection, tabletop, thru-window, and kiosk displays. The range of interactive touch screen applications is only limited by your imagination. We regularly supply USB touch screen films to dealers, system integrators, and digital signage partners for use with interactive display solutions in retail, business, entertainment, exhibition, and many others!

These interactive touch screen films feature capacitive technology, and have no external components. Each foil has a minimum of 2,000 capacitive sensors that can accurately track up to 40 sources of input through single or double-pane glass as much as 22mm thick! In many cases, touch foils can even operate through glass configurations up to 1.5″ thick (including the air gap). This allows your installation to work through the application surface and be almost completely vandal-proof from the outside. The lightweight film can be applied directly to any existing window or glass sheet with a rear projection screen or LCD TV positioned directly behind it.  Each interactive touch foil comes with built-in adhesives for a permanent installation, or can be paired with a removable method for temporary use. The foil’s flexible material can operate normally even on curved surfaces!

glass touch screen

Touch Frames: Interactive Made Easy

A touch frame overlay is a great way to transform any standard television or projection display into an interactive touch screen quickly. From the time you open the box, it takes just a few minutes of setup before you are interacting with your touch screen. SSI touch frame products have the slimmest profile and most accurate technology available on the market today. Infrared sensors create an invisible grid than can pinpoint up to 40 points of contact simultaneously! Each touch frame attaches to the front surface of your digital display or projection surface with supplied double-sided tape or Velcro.

Through Glass Touch Foil

Multitouch Overlay

USB Touch Screen Product Benefits:

  • Lightweight, low-profile components make installation a breeze,
  • USB connectors and simple driver software make each device plug-and-play,
  • No requirement for any external wires or devices,
  • Not affected by external light conditions,
  • A wide range of 16:9 sizes and number of touch points,
  • Works with most popular operating systems and multimedia applications,
  • Can still operate with substances such as water on the touch surface, and
  • No aperture required for USB touch film positioning!

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