Transparent LCD

Combining Physical and Digital Product Marketing into one easy to use display.

SSI Transparent LCD Displays can be manufactured in a variety of configurations to create truly exciting and unique product presentations.  Our SSI Design Team will work with you to develop a Transparent LCD Display sure to impress and leave the public talking about your products and your Brand.

Please contact an SSI representative for help with designing your next Transparent LCD Display. Transparent LCD Displays come in Standard Sizes ranging from 10″- 80″

Transparent LCD Accessories

  • Touch-Frame
  • Installation
  • Mounts

Transparent LCD Applications

  • Retail Displays
  • POS Displays
  • Reasturaunt Displays
  • Tradeshow Displays

Standard Transparent LCD Display Sizes:

  • 10.1″ Transparent LCD Panel
  • 12″ Transparent LCD Panel
  • 14″ Transparent LCD Panel
  • 17″ Transparent LCD Panel
  • 19″ Transparent LCD Panel
  • 22″ Transparent LCD Panel
  • 26″ Transparent LCD Panel
  • 32″ Transparent LCD Panel
  • 37″ Transparent LCD Panel
  • 43″ Transparent LCD Panel
  • 47″ Transparent LCD Panel
  • 55″ Transparent LCD Panel
  • 65″ Transparent LCD Panel
  • 75″ Transparent LCD Panel
  • 86″ Transparent LCD Panel

(Sizes Shown are Diagonal Screen Sizes)

Screen Solutions offers both Standard and Custom Transparent Panels for your application. The sizes listed to the right are standard transparent panel sizes.

Custom transparent panels can be made to your specifications, please contact a display specialist to discuss your requirements.

All standard Transparent LCD Panels are equipped with:

  • Transparent LCD panels are sold as a complete solution including aluminum frame, motherboard and remote control
  • Configuration: Motherboard with HDMI+VGA+USB inputs: you can connect your own computer by VGA/HDMI cable, and you can insert your USB drive into USB port to display
  • Connect Panel with supplied LVDS cable
  • Speakers Included
  • Power Supply: 12v, 5A

PLEASE NOTE: All Transparent LCD’s must be supported with a backlight, the backlight will be required for the transparent functionality. The more backlight provided the more transparent the display will be.