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Using Technology to Create Experiences

For over a decade we have been at the forefront of pushing current technologies to their limits, helping some of the worlds largest brands showcase products and information in the most engaging and memorable ways possible. Every product we produce weather a standard product or a one of a kind custom project ends up being an experience for the end users, and this is and what has driven us since day 1. Our list of standard products has grown to encompass the best technologies available in their areas, these products were born from years of creating custom products and honing them down to the perfect versions to make a standard product we produce and stock. Aside from our list of standard products, we excel at creating custom solutions for our customers. Single design projects or roll outs, we have been designing products incorporating not only our standard products but the latest technologies into turnkey systems.

Browse our Premiere Digital Display Technology!

Screen Solutions specializes in connecting you with the appropriate display for your project. We offer both visual screen solutions and interactive touch screen technologies. With nearly 15 years in the digital display industry serving the worlds largest brands, we can offer both technology and real world experience for a solution-based approach to your project needs.

Distinct LED Displays

Projector Enclosures

We have been protecting projectors, lasers and other equipment for more than a decade! We offer three standard enclosure products, the Defender Series are outdoor rated enclosures and come in 5 Standard sizes covering everything from 2000 Lumens up to 30,000+ Lumens in a single enclosure. We also build and design custom climate controlled enclosures. Our Integrator line is a thermostatic, temperature controlled fan-cooled enclosure, made for indoor and light outdoor environments. The integrator line is offered in 3 standard sizes covering all standard projector sizes and lumens ranges. Custom designed and built enclosures are available upon request. Our hush enclosure line brings the audible equipment noise of projectors and equipment down to not only manageable levels, but most systems come in under the db rating of a whisper. These come in two standard sizes and custom units are available.

Distinct LED Displays


Our kiosk solutions come in standard sizes from 32” – 75” and in both Digital Signage versions and interactive configurations, as well as single and dual sided. We also offer both fully climate controlled outdoor kiosks and fan cooled to cover all applications and installation types. All outdoor kiosks are outdoor rated for not only the weather but in direct sunlight applications, our high bright display panels are bright enough to handle daytime use and 24/7 operation in any environment.

Anti Glare Films

Anti Glare Films

Anti Glare Films reduce and remove glare and reflection from clear surfaces on the front side of your glass or display, This increases the clarity and appearance of your content when used with digital displays and projection films. When used with a display and touch foil, it gives the glass surfaces a smoother than glass feel, enhancing your interactive experience.

Touch Frame (Touch Screen)

Touch Frames can be applied on existing displays, projection displays, LCD and LED displays, Video walls and more, giving you fully interactive displays from 32” to 300” (larger sizes can be made). With lightning quick response times and easy connectivity to your PC, touch frames are a perfect way to retrofit existing displays, or create one a kind experiences.

Touch Foil (Touch Screen)

Touch foils are an interactive film that is applied to the inside of the storefront or display. It gives you full interactive control, right through the glass. Touch foils can be used with Projection displays, LCD and LED displays, Video walls and more, giving you a seamless glass front that protects your equipment while providing full multi touch experiences.

Digital Video Spheres

Digital Video Spheres are capable of full motion video on the entire globe. As with any technology there are requirements and specifications to follow. With your digital video sphere we will provide you with instructions and a manual to assist you in content creation and formatting.

Projection Films

We were the pioneer of taking rigid rear projection screens to films that apply to clear surfaces and we're the professionals' choice for the highest quality projection films, giving anyone the ability to add digital projection displays practically anywhere! We offer the following standard Rear Projection Films, Definition Pro (black), Definition (dark gray), Accent (white),Intrigue (Clear). Our DualView line of films gives you the ability to use them as front or rear projection and they are specifically designed for use with ultra short throw projectors, pushing the limits of projection films and applications to new limits. DualView comes in the following films DualView UltraClear, DualView Intrigue, DualView Accent, and DualView Definition.

OLED Displays

OLED displays are cutting edge, super thin and absolutely beautiful! We use OLED displays in multiple ways and configurations including Standard, Transparent and video wall solutions. Transparent OLED is as futuristic as it gets, self-illuminating with no projectors, lenses or software needed to have truly cutting edge displays that are sure to create memorable displays and experiences.

Electric Glass

Privacy, UV protection, controlled switching and more are all standard features of our Electric Glass! We offer Electric glass in a film version that can be applied to existing glass or clear surfaces as well as laminated finished glass panels, ready to install. Standard sizes and custom sizes are available. Multi layer switching, logos and more are all available options you can discuss with one of our design staff!

SSI Project Showcase

See how some one of the biggest brand have used our digital display technology around the world!