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Rear Projection Film a paper-thin projection surface for installation on glass and acrylic surfaces. All of SSI's rear projection films are designed to be used with any projector, and come with an integrated application adhesive.

Anti Glare Film an amazing product for reducing glare on glass or acrylic displays. The film is specifically designed to allow the images on display to be seen, while also reducing glare from ambient light and even direct sunlight.

Projector Enclosures

...are available in indoor and outdoor models. Our projector enclosures are specifically designed to filter and cool ambient air, expel internal hot air, and keep your projector working for you longer in a safe and optimal environment.


...touch foil technology provides a precise interactive interface in an easy-to-apply format! SSI's PROFoil series can provide up to 40 simultaneous points of interaction on virtually any non-conductive surface.

MultiTouch Overlays

...use infra-red sensors to pinpoint any touch interaction in a fraction of a second. Each touch frame comes standard with a thin profile design and HID-ready components to make adding interactivity a breeze.

Electric Glass

...provides instant privacy using liquid crystal! With both solid panel and film versions, your window can be transparent or opaque with just the flip of a switch. Perfect for nearly any busy environment.

SSI Project Showcase

See how some of the biggest brands have used our digital display technology around the world!

SSI Project Showcase

See how some of the biggest brands have used our digital display technology around the world!

Definition rear projection film touch screen


Los Angeles, California

Rear Projection Film:

Definition Film

Visa ultra short throw front projection


San Francisco, California

Front Projection Film:

Reflection Film

Rear projection through glass touch frame


Vancouver, BC and Toronto, Canada


Pro Touch 2

Touch Frame Avande Group TV Overlay

Avanade Group

New York City, New York

Multitouch Overlay:

4-Point Touch Frame

Mariott projector enclosure night projection

Mariott Hotel

Orlando, Florida

Projector Enclosure:

Weatherproof Outdoor

General Motors Electric Glass Switchable Film

General Motors

Austin, Texas

Switchable Glass:

Electric Glass

Screen Solutions International: Who We Are and What We Can Do

Screen Solutions International is a privately owned business that has been manufacturing quality projection surfaces and displays since 2005. We have warehouse, production, and office space located in California, which is a prime location in the hub of West Coast industry and innovation. With our brand new offices located in Florida, we are also positioned to provide better service for existing clients and build new relationships on the east coast. Our modern facilities are equipped with up-to-date production equipment and follow streamlined, efficient procedures from design and production all the way to shipping.

We design, manufacture, and sell digital display solutions to all kinds of buyers in all types of industries. Our digital displays start with stock products and components, yet packages are usually crafted on a per job basis. We are not strangers to doing custom work; our facilities have served projects ranging from just one location to entire nationwide roll-outs.

Screen Solutions International recognizes that your time and resources are in high demand. That is why we offer all of our clients access to our in-house design and engineering department. Simply sketch out or send over what you have to get us started, and we will get to work creating the solutions that are right for you.

The staff at Screen Solutions International strives to maintain a healthy appetite for the unique and challenging situation, odd request, or out of the box thinking. It is our pleasure to assist you, and our responsibility to maintain strict confidentiality with client information and specifications. Should you request it, we are willing to put a non-disclosure in place.