32 Point Multitouch Touch Screen

What is a 32-point touch screen and how does it work?

Touch Screen Basics

A touch screen acts as the device that communicates your fingers touch to the computer and corresponding software; the touch screen enables your finger to essentially become the mouse. By adding a touch screen to your TV or digital display you can instantly began to do anything with your finger that you can do with your computers mouse. If you can click, drag, size or draw something with your mouse than you can do the same with your finger.

Multitouch Touch Screen Overview

Multitouch is advanced touch screen technology that allows you the ability to touch the screen in more than one place at the same time without interfering or canceling each other out. True multitouch allows you to touch the screen in multiple places to the extent that the touch screen can handle it; touch screen overlays are available in 3 configurations 2 point, 6 point and 32 points of touch.

32 Point Multitouch Overlay

If your project is demanding an extreme amount of multitouch or requires more than one person interacting with the touch screen at one time 32 points of touch may be required for optimum performance. Touch Screen walls are growing in popularity and as the worlds continues to make a shift towards removing the barriers of effective communication touch screen walls will continue to gain market share.  When installing a touch screen wall it is recommended to install a touch screen interface with a higher number of touch points such as 32-point multitouch overlay.

Occasionally a 6 point touch screen may work depending on screen size and application requirements but most often clients will choose to install the 32 point touch screen so as to not encounter limitations in the future as this technology continues to gain momentum.

The largest touch screen wall we have sold and installed is 7’ tall x 17’ wide and is a 32 points of touch; with a touch screen wall this size it is imperative to install a 32 points of touch overlay. With a touch screen wall this big you can and will have several people wanting to interact at the same time; with a lesser number of touch points you may and up limited.

If you are considering a touch screen wall or need ultimate flexibility than a 32 point touch screen may be right for you If you require a custom size, aspect ratio or configuration and need assistance, please call Screen Solutions and speak to a customer representative at 888-631-5880.

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