Glass Window Touch Screen

This is how an AV company, servicing home theater and home automation add unique and sophisticated visual presentation to showcase their past projects and customer plans. The company wanted to show the details of their services, as well as present the business’ general information and history. Showcasing their overall process to their clientele. An ordinary large glass window inside the showroom was converted into an interactive cutting edge display technology. Therefore, their clients could now interact with the glass.

Glass Window Made into a Interactive Digital Presentation Tool

Screen Solutions was able to meet the client’s demand and needs by presenting to them the Rear Projection Film and ProFoils thru glass touch screen. We turned the existing glass window that was separating a room from the lobby inside their office into something unique. As a result, their clients were able to experience an interactive visual presentation. Because of the the upgraded glass, their customers are now able to understand better and browse the services they provide.

We applied a 100” ProFoils touch screen to the standard glass window and then applied the Definition rear projection film. With the help of their projector, the plain and ordinary glass window was made into a digital presentation tool. A glass turned into an interactive tool with touch screen capability.