Advertising Projection Is Changing the Face of Local Business

Digital Advertising on Your Storefront Windows

Traditional advertising is shifting towards a blended approach of Digital and Static methods and practices. Advertising Projection is state of the art technology that is rapidly changing the face of local business marketing.

By acknowledging the need for interaction that humans require and giving retail traffic the opportunity to interact, you provide instant value to the viewing audience. Advertising Projection converts any piece of glass; even your storefront glass window or tradeshow display into an interactive digital advertisement.

Think for a moment about the advertisements that really stick out to you? They were the ones the related to you or engaged you in a conversation you were already having in your head. The term “Join the Conversation” is growing amongst sales trainers and marketing professionals rapidly. This refers to the thought that customers are already looking for and desiring the products and services you are offering; now what you need to do as a business professional is join that conversation.

The now traditional digital signage of today is a one way communication device that requires little to no interaction from the viewer. Interactive Advertising Projection Devices go a step further and invite the user to experience the business or brand. By allowing the user to “touch” your digital signage through the use of interactive touch screen technology you bypass your competitors who are forcing their one sided marketing message on a consumer.

Advertising is about making an impact; impact can only be achieved through access. Access must be granted to you by the viewer, when a perspective client engages with your advertisement you are headed down the path to relationship. It was published recently that the average attention a viewer gives to traditional signage is 4.2 seconds; is that really enough to cement your product, service or brand?

Relationships are where the rewards truly are hidden, both in personal and business. A well known fact is that it costs a business less to focus on keeping and retaining current clients then continually looking for new clients. The rewards over time from relationship based clients will outperform many times that of the impulse buyer.

So how can you engage a current client into a deeper relationship with your business or brand? How can you integrate social media without losing the personal connection? How can you generate revenue right from your glass?

The answers to all the questions above are one in the same. Give your retail traffic the ability and personal touch by adding an interactive Advertising Projection to your storefront Glass window or In-Store POP Professional Display. You can communicate through your glass and engage a client and they never physically will come in contact with the technology itself.

Thru Glass Touch Screen Film Technology is installed safely and securely behind the glass inside the store. This highly sophisticated touch screen film and on glass projection screen is capable of sensing and relaying user touches to the computer or digital signage controller. Rear Projection Film is being integrated into storefront marketing around the world to react past traditional boundaries associated with retail storefront advertising.

What this means to you as a business owner is that you can now spark an interactive relationship without having the doors open. Even when the shop is closed your glass storefront is working for you; engaging in retail traffic conversations and developing relationships for you on autopilot.

Digital Signage Technology is a great concept and if applied appropriately can provide exceptional, track-able results. Advertising Projection will aid you in attracting perspective local traffic; join the conversation in progress and developing and maintaining this important relationship with your clients.

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