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The purpose of the glass on a storefront is to provide marketing potential and safety for the products and store owner as well as visibility for the consumer and the ability to capitalize on marketing to local foot traffic.

With the enormous deficiency of glare and reflection off the windows you will greatly reduce the ability to effectively communicate your marketing messages to your potential customers.

Glass is naturally reflective and in being so will reduce the impact of the investment and marketing potential of everything behind the glass inside the storefront or window display. When you reduce the glare off the window you will increase the ability to see through the glass, which is the purpose in the first place.

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Remember that when you are installing anti glare film it will be applied to the viewing side of the glass surface, unlike rear projection film that is installed on the inside of the glass and viewable from the outside. There is a transparent adhesive on the application side of the anti glare film that will active with most window tint type application liquids (see our film application sheet for more information).

Anti glare film can be integrated with projection film on glass, touch film on glass and infrared touch screen overlays with glass surfaces.

If you are interested in the DIY Anti Glare film installation option we have a training video available and installation instructions, with your order we will send you links and access to our online training materials that will reduce the learning curve. It helps to learn from those who have gone before you and installed this anti glare film all over the world.

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