Anti Glare Film for IR Bezels

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Buy Anti Glare Film NowMultitouch IR Bezels will be installed over the surface of your projection screen or flat panel digital display, the biggest downside to having a piece of glass to look straight at and interact with is reflection or glare off of the surface. Anti Glare film will remove the glare and reflection off of glass surfaces attached to touch screen displays in just minutes.

When using Infrared IR Bezels for your touch screen interface you will most likely have a glass surface involved that will create a glare off of the surface. To reduce the glare and add improved functionality and usability apply anti glare film to the glass surface, the film will not affect the functionality of the touch screen itself other than remove the glare and increase the fingers natural movements.

Glare on Touch Screen TVAnti glare film can be installed after the multitouch bezel has been placed on the display but it is recommended that you apply your anti glare film to the glass separately from the IR Bezel as there will be liquid involved. If you need to install anti glare film on an existing IR bezel you will want to take the necessary precautions to protect your multitouch components.

Remove the glass from the IR bezel; this can be accomplished by unscrewing the small clips that hold the two together. Once this is done clean the glass, apply your anti glare film to your IR bezel overlay and reinstall the glass onto the back of the touch screen frame.

That’s it, you will want to remember that the anti glare film will be applied to the viewing side of your digital display.

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