Anti Glare Film for Thru Glass Touch Film

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Touch screen film is a powerful thin plastic film that has the ability to transmit your touches through the glass and communicate them to the computer; allowing a user to interact through the glass and control predetermined aspects of a presentation. All the while never does the user actually comes in contact with any of the technology that is safely secured and installed inside the building. When installing thru glass touch screen film on your store window, museum display or any reflective surface such as glass or acrylic it is recommended that you incorporate anti glare film into the design for a number of reasons including –

  • Reduce glare and reflectivity in minutes and give your user the chance to interact with the touch film on glass without the need to try and see through themselves and see your image on the glass. Anti Glare film reduces the glare and makes it easy to focus on what matters most, reduce glare and increase image quality and clarity with Anti Glare Film.
  • Glass in addition to being reflective is also not the best substrate for dragging items around the surface or using your fingers on, as your skin and the surface will create a drag and friction. As the touch screen on glass user is interacting with the touchable surface there is inherent friction created; by installing ant glare film on the exterior of the glass you will reduce the friction and make it easy to engage potential customers.

When ordering Anti Glare film for touch screens on glass we recommend ordering the Anti Glare film slightly larger than the size of the touch screen display or projection film on glass.  This will ensure that wherever the viewing audience is located they will have the freedom to see without the glare reducing the visibility of a portion of the display area. Another benefit to ordering slightly larger anti glare film is that anyone interacting with the touch screen film on glass will not experience their annoyance of their fingers slipping off the anti glare film and then back onto it as they interact close to the edge.

For questions regarding anti glare film and integrating it with touch film on glass or any touch screen product please call Screen Solutions at 888-631-588.

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