Anti Glare Film for use with Projection Film

When installing projection film on glass there is something you will want to consider adding some sizzle to the steak. Glass is naturally reflective and the powerful advertising display that you are about to install will be limited due to the negative effects of glare, anti glare film allows you increase visibility while reducing the glare down drastically. Glare has the ability to reduce the impact, resolution and clarity of your display to the bare minimums; projection film when applied to a standard storefront glass window display will need to battle the sun, glare and other factors such as ambient lighting.

Rear Projection Film is great option for creating digital displays on glass and acrylic surfaces yet both of those surfaces have severe reflectivity issues; as you create powerful displays be sure to incorporate anti glare film and increase visibility, clarity and quality. Projection film installs on the inside of the glass window or storefront and your anti glare film on the outside of the glass surface; when you order your anti glare film and projection film you may want to consider specifying the anti glare film size be slightly larger than the projection film size.

Buy Anti Glare FilmAnti glare film reduces the glare and in addition reduces wash out and harmful and destructive UV.

Anti glare film when coupled with your projection film on glass will dramatically add to the image depth, clarity and quality of your video on glass installation.

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