Anti Glare Film for Window Touch Screens

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With interactivity gaining popularity and demand in the marketplace there is a growing need for touch screens used in retail and storefront marketing. There are several types of touch screens available but the technology most often utilized in storefront applications is thru glass touch screen film. This type of touch screen technology is applied behind the glass inside the store and most often partnered with a projection film or flat panel digital display.

1. Anti Glare film placed on the outside of your storefront window or glass touch screen surface will remove that awful glare from the glass and allow for the touch screens user to see what it is they are interacting with. Glass is highly reflective and the glare makes it difficult to see the touch screen display through your own reflection on the glass..

2. Anti Glare film in addition to removing glare off of the glass will also provide the touch screen user to move their fingers around on and around the touch screen with ease. The normal response that fingers will have when in contact with glass is to skip or drag across the surface of the window. Anti glare film is somewhat of a matte surface and in addition to removing the glare off of the window will aide in improving a more natural finger movement on glass windows.

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