Off Axis Holographic Projection

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What is off axis projection? Off axis projection means that the light path and its direction of travel is something other than straight on or level behind the holographic projection screen. To make this a little easier to understand let’s look at a practical example of off axis holographic projection screen to the right.

Off Axis Holographic Rear Projection ScreenThis is a picture of a multiple Screen Solutions Intrigue holographic projection screen installation in a museum setting; notice the two bright spot above each of the screens. These are the projector bulbs, these particular projectors were installed off axis to prevent the light path form the projectors from shining directly into the viewers eyes.

This is important due to the fact that the holographic projection screens are transparent and have a high transmission of light; which basically means that more light passes through a transparent screen than an opaque pr translucent projection screen.

When installing a holographic projection screen it is recommended that you install the projector in an off axis position so as to reduce or eliminate viewer discomfort; for more information regarding off axis holographic projection or for assistance with holographic projection screen installation please call Screen Solutions at 888-631-5880.

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