Benefits of touch screen information points

Keep the passing public informed with Visual Planet’s interactive information point solution

Are the very people you wish to communicate with passing your window every day? How would you like to capture this audience, deliver your valuable messages and allow further access to the information on offer?

Take any window that has public access and turn it into an interactive visual messaging service with Visual Planet’s ViP Interactive Foil Through Window touch solution.

Using a combination of innovative touch and creative display technologies Visual Planet and partners can deliver large (50” plus) transparent holographic screens with full interactivity which can operate through a window.

With innovative interactive messaging software, you will immediately have your audience browsing your entire information base at any time of the day or night by simply touching the outside of the window. What’s more, there is even a facility for customers to leave a message for you to follow up the next day crediting Visual Planet’s ViP Interactive Foil through window touch technology.

What’s happening in your town?

Local Authorities can install the interactive information point solution into key locations around the town, making it possible to deliver unlimited information regarding key events and developments happening in your area. Receive feedback from the public on the proposed changes to the town centre, road layout, or new security measures to reduce the levels of crime by simply inviting passers-by to touch the interactive screens.

What services do you have to offer? 

For bank, building societies and post offices you can now remove irrelevant static displays and introduce the perfect medium to deliver interactive information about the services you have to offer.

Entertainment houses

Pubs, clubs, theaters, cinemas and restaurants – entice passing customers into your establishment with details on up and coming events, multimedia menus and special offers. You can change your interactive content depending on seasonal events, or even throughout each day to reflect your changing audience.