Benefits of touch screen for large site communications

Large site communication problem? Solve it with Visual Planet’s “Interactive Visual Messaging” solution

So how do you mange to keep a site of a thousand staff, students and visitors updated with the latest information – large expensive static posters, A4 sheets of paper hastily printed stuck to doors, windows, notice boards? How much time and money do you spend on these activities and how effective are your current forms of communication?

Visual Planet’s “Interactive Visual Messaging” solution, combines intelligent messaging software with interactive kiosks and large high intensity interactive holographic displays to provide the ultimate visual communications medium. By strategically locating in gathering areas and thoroughfares throughout your site you can now deliver those vital messages directly to your audience.

The built in interactivity even on the largest displays, turns the whole experience into a two way communications medium. With a simple touch of the screen your audience can gather further information on the area of interest.

Business Premises 

One of the most common issues still facing a large business is keeping staff up to date with the current developments within the organisation. Do you sometimes find your customers know more about what is happening in your business than you? How much revenue do you lose everyday because information on that latest sales promotion or product feature failed to get to your entire sales team.

Keeping your employees informed 

Visual Planet’s interactive visual messaging allows you to react to business changes instantly by providing a dynamic visual medium to communicate key sales, product and company information at all major meeting points within your organisation.

The University or School Campus 

Transform this environment into a visual interactive experience where information is displayed at key focal points, engaging and informing students of events, college news, restaurant menu, lecture timings and other key information.


Visual Planet’s intelligent messaging software can turn your interactive display in to a truly dynamic experience for your guests and even your own internal staff. Change the information feed to display different messages throughout the day, from news on the hour to advertising local events/partner services such as restaurants, theatres, trips, museums and car rental.

Add the interactivity and your customers can browse for additional information on the products and services you have on offer, increasing your opportunity to sell more.

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