Benefits of touch screens at tradeshows

Need a people magnet for your next exhibition?
Then try SSI’s “Interactive Exhibition” experience

PROfoil’s “Interactive Exhibition” solution is designed to dramatically change the exhibition stand experience. Watch in amazement as your potential customers are drawn to your stand and encouraged to touch the information on the screen. Once captured the real fun starts. All it takes is a simple touch on the screen and your customers can browse the content you have designed for the show.

The solution combines our partners’ intelligent messaging display software with large high intensity interactive holographic displays integrated with Visual Planet’s PROfoil Interactive Touch Foil bringing you the ultimate interactive visual messaging medium.

Interactive sales assistant 

With the “Interactive Exhibition” solution you can start selling to your visitors from the moment they arrive at your stand.

Traditional displays only provide a one-way communication medium which means you can never be quite sure those important company and sales messages have been communicated to your potential customers.

With the interactive function you now have two-way communications and an interactive sales tool. Now you have a more focused idea of your customer interests. The potential customers will have an enhanced experience at your stand, will receive more choice, and will be more informed about the products and services your company can provide.

You can be confident that by the time your visitor leaves the stand they will know what you have to offer, increasing the possibility of them buying from you and not your competitors.

Hire or buy 

The choice is yours, you can hire for a one-off exhibition or purchase the full system. With full ownership you can use it when you want where you want. For example the system can be used to create a touch interactive reception area, providing up to date information on what’s happening in your business, relevant for your staff, suppliers and customers.

Interactive Visual Systems can increase PROFIT opportunities by: 

  • Drawing the crowd to your stand – Generating more of those valuable sales leads
  • Creating another sales assistant on your stand – Processing more enquiries
  • Providing effective communication to your audience and improve your corporate image
  • Creating an unlimited display – Visitors can now access your entire product portfolio while on the stand
  • Allowing instant update of content – Keeping your stand fresh and interesting
  • Attracting and holding customer’s attention at your stand – Increasing the opportunity for them to buy your service and not your competitors
  • Using your display to advertise complementary services of your business partners – This activity can provide the potential for the service to be self financing
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