Benefits of touch screens in window shopping

Taking window shopping to a new dimension

Turn your shop window into an interactive sales assistant with Visual Planet’s ViP Interactive Foil through window touch technology, and generate incremental revenues overnight.

Integrated with a combination of reseller display technologies, Visual Planet’s ViP Interactive Foil can deliver large (50” plus) transparent holographic screens with full interactivity, which can operate through a traditional shop window.

With interactive software that interfaces with most popular back office systems, you will soon have your customers browsing your entire catalogue of products at the shop window, any time of the day or night by simply touching the window.

What’s more, if the shop is closed there is even a facility for customers to leave a message for you to follow up the next day.

Travel Agents – Capture your window travelers 

Make the Maldives a reality. Touch screens enable window shoppers to check out the bargains on offer, and can provide virtual tours of the accommodation, video images of the beach and facts and figures they need for decision making – at the touch of a finger.

Car Showrooms – Give your customers the drive of their dreams 

Customers can easily visualise themselves in the driving seat, with ‘Top Gear’ style driving sequences projected behind their chosen model.

Waiting in the service department can become an opportunity to influence future buying decisions with interactive displays featuring rugged testing data, specifications and lists of available models.

High street recruitment agents – Fill that vacancy now 

No longer restricted by the size of your window display you can promote all your job opportunities. Add a simple search facility and your customers can select their ideal job using the interactive touch screen, either internally or externally.

Estate agents – Instant property updates 

Stand out from the crowd and give your clients another good reason to use your services over your competitors. Whether it is buying or selling, you and your customers will benefit from the ViP Interactive Foil Through Window touch experience. To download our Estate Agents brochure, please click here.

Interactive Visual Systems can increase PROFIT opportunities by:

  • Providing a twenty four-hour sales and lead generation assistant – driving incremental sales
  • Creating an unlimited shop window display – customers can now access your entire product catalogue
  • Allowing instant change of content to react to local events and competition – become the market leader
  • Attracting and holding customers’ attention at your location – increasing the opportunity for them to buy from you and not your competition
  • Using your display to advertise complementary services of your business partners – this activity can provide the potential for the service to be self financing
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