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PROFoil Transparency

Our staff are often asked the following question: "Just how transparent is a PROFoil?" The pictures below allow you to see for yourself. Each shows an inside and outside perspective of the room where the final display will be mounted....
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Rear Projection Film Adhesives

Return to Rear Projection Film Rear Projection Film Adhesive Rear Projection Film adhesive is much like a window tint adhesive and apply in similar ways. There is one thing most important to remember about working with Rear Projection Film Adhesives....
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Large Format Touch Screens

Looking to Add a Large Format Touch Screen To Your Video Wall? Screen Solutions International has successfully created hundreds of Large Format Touch Screen for customers to create X large Format Interactive Experiences. With the capability to create large format…

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Rear Projection Film Pricing

Return to Rear Projection Film Rear Projection Film pricing varies buy the type of film you want to purchase as well as how you would like to order it. You can purchase rear projection films several different ways: Rear Projection...
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