An LED video wall normally consists of smaller screens mounted on a flat panel and connected together to display a bigger picture. The acronym LED means “light emitting diode”. 

In LED displays, each diode produces its own light just like a bulb, and each one can be commanded to show a different color by passing a different electric current.

Video walls are ideal for displaying different kinds of information, particularly when the message should be bright and at a wide viewing angle. Video walls can be used in all industries, particularly for large venues.

The following article shows the common uses for video walls.

Digital Billboards

An LED video wall is great for displaying dynamic adverts in downtown locations. You can install a digital billboard on a wall in various premium locations to reach the target audience with high-impact adverts.

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Research has confirmed the negative effects of highway digital billboards on driver concentration. Consider installing your billboards in areas less likely to endanger life.

LED Video Wall for Advertising on Rooftops

Installing a video wall on top of a building allows you to provide clear adverts that can be seen by motorists and pedestrians. Rooftop displays catch pedestrian and driver attention. Also, LEDs can last for more than 50,000 hours, are cheaper and have a bigger effect on your bottom line.


It’s important to note that LED displays have been used successfully on taxi roofs. Installing video walls on roofs helps get the message further and more effectively.

Roadside LED Displays

An LED screen can be mounted on a pole on the main street and is great for visual communication. If combined with touch technology, you get yourself an outdoor touch kiosk.

Here’s why this is important:

Research shows that digital signage is 400% more effective at capturing views than static displays. Besides, 82% of people remember seeing an ad on a digital board after 2 weeks. No wonder digital signage increases sales much more than static advertising.

Shop Window Displays

Branding is essential to a successful business. The benefit of LED video walls is that they are visible even in low-light conditions and from a distance. For retailers, the retail window display is one of the things that helps you stand out.


Standing out is important as you compete with large retailers and other chain stores. Store windows help you show your brand’s unique personality. This helps turn the heads of passersby and increase foot traffic.

Internal Mall or Retail Display

Customers who walk through the door can get specific product information that can motivate them to buy. Internal retail displays help build brand recognition and attract customers.

Once potential customers are in your store or mall, internal video wall displays can help engage them, which increases revenue and delivers brand stories exactly how you intend. Displays entertain, inform, and augment shopper experience.

Besides, you can manage every screen from a centralized platform, which easily scales as your business grows. You can also build highly contextual campaigns. Combined with touch capability and you have an indoor touch kiosk.

Screens for Public Display

An LED video wall can be installed in public places such as museums, clubs, cinemas, and theaters. People spend time in public places and the content tailored to the target audience.

With digital displays, you can deliver breathtaking imagery and a level of interaction that not only attracts but also engages, informs and inspires visitors.

You can thus give your store the wow factor that it needs, through menu boards and ticketing. These will give the audience stories worth retelling thanks to immersive experiences.

Besides, customers can make accurate orders through an interface that they interact with daily. 

Screens for Transportation Areas Like Ports, Train Stations, and Airports

An LED video wall can help deliver dynamic advertising and public information in airports and train stations. With such displays, users can see in great resolution, the information about arrival and departure times.


Based on this usage, you can see how video walls can easily be used for an LED scoreboard system. Whether you work in a stock exchange or want to display scores in a high school match, video walls are a great option.

Video Displays for Corporate Use

LED video walls can be used in conference rooms, auditoriums, corporate halls, and business lounges. They help you have highly interactive virtual meetings, refreshed classrooms, and learning experiences.

Whether you are brainstorming concepts or analyzing sales report data, video walls are great for locations and corporates in need of advanced presentation technology.

Here’s why:

The ease and availability of high-speed internet, coupled with low flat screen TV prices have revolutionized company meetings. There is literally no need for corporate trips. 

Architectural LED Displays

LED displays help to enhance architectural and spatial designs, giving sensory-centric functionality to emphasize and redefine the appearance of buildings and structures. This helps ignite people’s imagination for years.

Control Room Displays and Broadcast Television Studios

Video walls are great for control rooms as they allow controllers to see what all the displays are showing at any given time simultaneously.

With video walls, any wall surface can be turned to meet the needs of a television studio. One can place the screens on floors, ceilings, walls, spheres, and banners to help television studios communicate messages effectively.

Screen Displays for Staging and Displaying Variable Messages

An LED video wall allows for the creation of modular displays for conventions, concerts, TV shows, and exhibitions among others. Each display can have a targeted message for each area of the exhibition.

LED monitors can show information that varies over time. They are ideal for applications in broadcast, public information on streets, control rooms and on highways.


As you’ve seen, video walls have amazing effects and improve the aesthetics in different venues and industries. A video wall is simply many displays arranged close to each other in a grid. 

With multiple displays, each showing at its native resolution, your images will show at ultra-high resolutions, helping you create very striking images. These are great for public places such as museums, clubs, and exhibitions.

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