Touch Frame Applies Right to Your TVConvert your existing TV into a touch screen in minutes with a multi touch screen add on frame and right now for a limited time you can save big. For the entire month of June, Screen Solutions International is upgrading all touch screen frame orders to the next touch point option available.

Converting your existing TV into a touch screen is as simple as 1,2, 3 –

  1. Determine your TV’s Screen Size, this is on the box or if you no longer have the box it will be listed somewhere on the back of the TV usually (worst case scenario call us and we will help you determine this).
  2. Order the appropriate Touch Frame, order the same size as the TV you have or are going to purchase i.e. I f you have a 42” TV, order a 42” Touch Frame.
  3. Install your Touch Frame; this process usually takes about 15 minutes from the time you start (more information below).

What is Multitouch?

Multitouch screens are no longer new and most of the news channels on TV are using them in some capacity or another, if you have an iPad or iPhone you are using this technology everyday. Multitouch is the ability to touch your screen in multiple places simultaneously without interfering with each other.

There is also what is known as touch point options with multitouch, this represents the number or places you can touch your screen simultaneously (more below).

What is a Touch Frame?

Touch frames are highly sophisticated interactive frames the install right onto any surface such as a TV, Projection Screen or Wall.

A multitouch frame is much like a picture frame but instead of wood or plastic it is made of metal and has numerous infrared sensors integrated into it. These sensors project an invisible grid pattern across the face of your display that sense when any object penetrates the grid.

What are Touch Points?

Touch points are best described as the number of place that you can touch the screen or display at any given time without interfering with one another. For instance most touch screens today are single or dual touch, we now offer from dual or 2 touch points up to 40 touch points. 40 Touch points means that one or several people can touch the screen in 40 places at any given time and the touch frame will both recognize and accurately translate those touches to the computer and touch screen software application. Touch Points available 2,4,6,10,16,20,32,40

What can I use a Touch Frame with?

Your new touch frame can be used for everything from surfing the web, Facebook, Microsoft PowerPoint and even Custom Applications developed for a specific purpose. Within seconds of installing your touch frame you can interact with your computer just as you would with a mouse, often Microsoft Paint or Calculator is a great way to test to see if your multitouch touch screen is working properly.

What Size do I need?

Most often the best size to purchase is the size of your existing or proposed display size, for instance you can purchase the same size touch frame as your TV size or projection screen size. We can produce any size you need including custom sizes or irregular aspect ratios etc., the largest multitouch screen frame we have manufactured is 7’ tall by 17’ wide. If you have any questions or concerns we recommend that you talk to our customer service department, they can assist you in determining the appropriate size for your display.

Can I install the Touch Frame myself?

Yes, you can install the touch frame yourself in just minutes with no prior experience, included with each touch frame is a step-by-step guide and a video for your reference. We can even offer a “Ready to Stick” touch frame that you simply pull out of the box and stick to your TV – DONE. Then you connect the USB cable and install the driver on your MAC or PC.

How to Order?

You can order online or by calling our offices at 888-631-5880, if you are a first time touch screen purchaser it is best to contact one of our offices so we can provide you with personal assistance. Standard touch screens are available in sizes from 30” to 120” diagonal or screen sizes. Custom touch screen are available in any size you require and can be made to your request. Most standard touch frame size orders ship within 3-5 days from order date so order appropriately to avoid delays.

Touch Frame Upgrade Special

Touch Frame Upgrade Offer

Order only the touch points you need, we will upgrade your touch frame to the next available touch point option for FREE, this upgrade is available for a limited time and cannot be combined with any other offer.