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Acrylic Rear Projection Screens

Acrylic Rear Projection Screens Formulated with Diffusion Screen Technology Traditionally most people think of projection screens as being white and fabric, in the last decade the industry has seen a tremendous amount of changes including projection screen surfaces and materials....
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Rigid Projection Screens

Acrylic Rigid Rear Projection ScreensAcrylic Rear Projection Screens can Go Big Our acrylic rigid rear projection screens are made of hard acrylic and were the inspiration behind our rear projection film.  SSI acrylic rigid rear projection screens are unique in...
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Forming Shaping

Custom Products: Forming and Shaping Screen Solutions offers forming, shaping, custom cutting, etching and curving, as well as custom aspect ratios for our film and rigid screen products.  Our large-bed CNC routers, plotters and film cutters are able to cut custom...
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