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Church Projection Before LED

Church Projection before LED Screens

Lighting Affects Projection

Church Projection Screens and lighting

Any Size LED Wall is Possible

LED Wall Configuration Flexibility

Hanging or Wall Mounted LED

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LED Wall Installation is Quick

Church Video Wall Install

WATCH the installation

WATCH the installation process, panel by panel.
You can install yourself or we can send a technician to help your team and provide support and instruction.

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LED Video Wall Installation is Complete

This church in San Diego wanted to install the new LED video Wall Screens closer to the front of the platform. With LED Video Walls you have the flexibility, brightness and clarity to install just about anywhere.

More about the Church LED Video wall Installation Process

Video Wall Support Structure

Decide where you want to install your LED Video Wall. Although there are different ways of installation, hanging LED walls is common. You have flexibility!

Hanging LED Wall Support Bar

Once you set your location, drop your support bar to desired height and add your hanging beams. LED Wall panels will attach to these one by one and lock together.

Church LED Video Wall Panel Installation

After hanging beams are all in position you will start by hanging the first panel. Continue to install panels side by side and then move down, and continue panel by panel.

Church LED Video Wall Layout

Once panels are all in place power should have already been ran to the LED video wall location, connect to the first panel on the diagram and jumper out in order.

LED Video Wall Signal Cables

Next is to connect signal cables to the panels, the LED Video Wall Processor is usually located in the video booth and sends the signal by CAT5. Each panel is connected.

LED Video Wall Calibration

With all the LED Video Wall Panels installed, power cables ran and connected, video signal cables connected it is time to calibrate and prepare to test.

LED Wall Color Quality

Often the big question is how crisp will the image be? With LED video walls you can expect exceptional image quality that rivals even the nicest projector images.

LED Video Wall Panels Church

LED video walls are shipped in wooden crates or road cases as shown in the picture above. All the LED panels are arranged safely inside for quick easy installation.

LED video Wall Back Side

Thickness of your new LED Video Wall is only about 3″ total. No need to worry about taking up to much space, mount on the wall, fly in the air or floor standing.