Glass Projection Screen

Looking to use your new or existing glass as a projection screen? Look no further, you can add one of our glass projection screen films to your glass in no time and transform it into HD Quality video on glass.

For 15 years (since 2005) we have been developing, manufacturing, selling and installing glass projection screen technologies. We started with a hard acrylic screen that was 1/8″ thick and had embedded diffusion bead technology added to the acrylic when it was liquid.

It wasn’t long until the need for a film to apply directly to glass was being asked for, avoiding shipping large screens in big wooden crated was expensive and took time to get a truck form California to New York etc.

Our first film for projecting on glass did not have any adhesives and needed to be taped up, that was not the best solution either as you can imagine. Long story short we have seen a lot over the last 15 years when it comes to projecting on glass. Now we have eight SSI standard rear projection films and even some complimentary films to enhance the glass projection screen installation.

Using our rear projection film technology for projection on glass is as easy as 1,2,3

  1. Choose your glass that you want to project onto. This can be either one single pane of glass or several panes of glass, you can span the seam in the glass in some cases but most often the film will be applied to the individual panes.
  2. Measure WIDTH and HEIGHT of the AREA of glass you want to project onto. We have a term we use when you do not fill the entire piece of glass and it can look even better. We call it a “floating image” and it simply means you leave some space around the glass projection screen as clear glass – this makes the projection screen jump out at people and its hard to miss.
  3. Order the projection film that you need, we can even cut to you requirements for you. Most of our rear projection films and even our front projection film for glass are available in 60″ or 1.5 meter wide rolls. We offer White, Clear, Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Ultra Short and Front Projection Films. Should you need assistance deciding which film is right for your project please call us for a complimentary project review.
  4. SSI has full CNC film cutting capabilities, this means that we can cut any shape or size you need with critical accuracy. We can even cut circles and shapes as well, just tell us what you need. See our CNC projection film cutting machine here: Cutting Projection Film Shapes

Glass Projection Screen Restaurants

Installing Your Screen:

Installing your glass projection screen is possible as a DIY process or you can hire a local window tint installer to come install your rear projection film on the glass. The process is similar to a window tint application and yes you can have an install without bubbles. For best results follow the directions or have an experienced installer apply the film to glass.

INSTALLATION NOTE: When preparing to install your glass projection screen film please review the film installation instructions, DO NOT use water only – this will void your warranty and make for a painful installation of your film. SSI offers application kits that include everything you need to apply your film to glass..

Should you want to purchase a complete solution for your projection on glass project, we have several standard size options available that include everything you need.

Complete glass projection solutions include the following:

Find Complete Glass Projection Screen Packages Here: Projection on Glass Packages

  • Projection Film of your choice (available in several standard sizes and custom sizes and larger sizes available upon request).
  • Projector ~ upgrade options include Short Throw, Ultra  Short Throw, 4K, High Brightness and more
  • Projector Mount ~ hang your projector form the ceiling
  • Application Kit ~ use this to install your film like a PRO

Glass Projection Screen - 3 Sided Short Throw Projection Cube