Why is it that you spend a large percentage of money on advertising? I’ll tell you why: Because you want to attract the attention of your target audience and increase sales. That’s why you spend a lot of attention on quality, highly-targeted content.

Here’s the truth:

Even though the content is important, the medium on which it is displayed also matters a lot. In this digital age, LED video wall gives you a chance to display great advertising.

This article shows you how to use video walls to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Make Sure to Choose an LED Video Wall of the Right Shape and Size

Want to show high-impact messages in displays with a variety of sizes and shapes? The video wall is the way to go. Since LED video walls can be seen from long distances, they help you to attract attention as they are clear over long distances.

Why is this important?

Video walls allow you to present your content in high definition and make it stand out. You can show videos, twitter feeds or even images that increase brand awareness and revenue.

Speaking of the shape: You can increase the reach of an event by having video walls built on all four sides of a concert. This way, people passing around or seated around the concert can enjoy. This removes the limit of only having people standing/seated directly in front of the performers, hence large audiences.

Set Your LED Video Wall to High Contrast and Brightness

Let’s face it:

One of the problems of daytime displays is ambient light, which is worst during a bright day because of sunlight. Since LEDs produce light and these can be in any color and brightness, you can show very bright vivid images that attract the attention of your audience.

Compared to other technologies, an LED video wall is cheaper and gets the job done. If you were to purchase a high-end projector, then displaying your messages in daylight would simply not work. 


You would need a projector that produces more light than the sun just to get contrast. Even if this were possible (which it isn’t), do you think you or your customers would bear to look at something brighter than the sun?

Video Walls Can Be Easily Controlled Using Processors

Video wall processors have a reliable configuration that allows for the set up of different inputs for the ideal output. You no longer need to have a set of modifications for different inputs as this comes baked into the software.

Here’s why this is important:

It allows you to manage inputs of different formats, making integration simpler. This is why you’ll find video walls used in various industries such as hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings using the default settings.

Themed Video Walls

Let’s say you are arranging a concert that will have a certain theme. Did you know that you can also theme the video walls so that they communicate harmoniously with the rest of the decor?

Check this out:

If you have a classical music concert, then your theme would be classy, right? So you go to the designers and tell them that you want a maroon color or another dull color. The video wall can have the color of your choice as the background, helping you send a consistent message to the audience.

Use the Video Wall as a Digital Billboard

In the past, only still billboards were available for advertising. Technological improvements allow us to place digital displays anywhere. You can easily and instantly change the message on your digital billboard to suit the current market state.

For example, you can install the video walls in carefully-selected areas in town to increase the impact of your messages. And you don’t have to compete with other businesses for static billboards anymore. Just install your own video walls and show the messages you want to show at any time. 

Then you can fine-tune your message to get the right audience to take the right steps. Combining the video wall with a camera can help you observe the number of people looking at the screen at any one time.

Install Your Video Wall on Your Roof to Increase Reach

This takes advantage of the fact that video walls can produce bright, high-contrast images. Hence, you can place them on your roof so that pedestrians and motorists can look at them as they pass by.

Here’s the deal:

If your business is situated in a town or city, there will always be traffic and traffic jams. Imagine all the eyes looking at your marketing messages while stuck in traffic. You can literally just focus on creating messages that drive the audience to talk about, visit and become customers.

Incorporating Touch Technology for Interactivity

According to Pew Research shows that 81% of Americans have a smartphone. This means that people are used to tapping, and you can use this to your advantage through a video wall.

Check this out:

If you incorporate touch technology in the video walls in your store, you can allow customers to interact with products in a way that increases sales. For example, you can have dress images that can change color based on the customer’s selection. 

Customers can see how a dress will look like on them through the model in the screen, and they can dynamically add and remove features of the dress to create a design that suits them. This also saves you the need to employ many shop attendants as interacting with the screen answers most of the customers’ questions.

Dividing Your Screen

With a video wall processor, you can display different messages on different areas of the screen. This allows you to show messages that appeal to various audiences or show the main message and a live feed of some sort.

For example, if you use the video wall in a concert, the major parts of the screen can show the performers, a bottom area can show the fans and another area can display the social media feed such as tweets related to the event.


This article has shown you how to make the most of your video wall. Video walls are a great technology that allows you to show your messages in any location and shape, with a substantially smaller investment than traditional media such as static billboards.

A video wall can also be augmented with technology such as touch, which allows for customer interaction. Even so, you should be careful when using LED video walls outside. Make sure that they are properly installed to eliminate the risk of breaking. 

Also, protect them from the elements using enclosures that are waterproof and keep them cool even as they operate throughout the day. If you plan to use the screens for extended periods of time, make sure you buy industrial grade equipment designed to operate in harsh conditions and for longer. They also have a longer lifespan.

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