Looking to Add a Large Format Touch Screen To Your Video Wall?

Screen Solutions International has successfully created hundreds of Large Format Touch Screen for customers to create X large Format Interactive Experiences. With the capability to create large format touch screen experiences up to 100′ in length and 40+ users at one given time or more you can be assured we have a solution for you.

In this video example of a Large Format Touch Screen with See-Thru Rear Projection Film for a transparent projection on glass experience. This video wall is 34′ long and 8′ tall, 3 Projectors for a total of 15,000+ lumens and Intrigue Rear Projection Film on several panes of glass.

Are you looking to add a Touch Screen to your Large Format Video Wall?

See below for a list of things we will need to know to get your custom touch screen created for you. We will need to know if you are using for a projection on glass display or a video wall with LCD or LED Panels etc.

Touch Screen for Use with Projection on Glass:

  • Provide the Viewable Size of your Glass – Height and Width
  • Viewable Glass Size is whatever the area you can see-thru on the glass, do not include the top and bottom glass frame if visible.
  • Provide any details that may me useful for us to know.

Touch Screen for Use with Video Wall:

  • What is the Diagonal Size of your Video Wall Panels?
  • Who is the Manufacturer of your Video Wall Panels?
  • What is the Model Number of your Video Wall Panels?
  • How many Panels Wide and Tall is your Video Wall?

For either Projection Display or Video wall Panel Solution we will also need the following:

  • Where is your preferred connection point to computer. We will need to connect to your computer with a USB Cable.
  • What is your preferred Computer OS
  • Indoor or Outdoor Application
  • What is the usage environment and application

Large Format Touch Screens Displays have been in production for the better part of 15 years and we have created solutions for Business Owners, Nuclear Power Plants, Corporations, Government Facilities, Educational Facilities and more. Should you have an application that you would like a custom touch screen solution for please contact us for more information and a quote.

See some additional application pictures and videos of large format touch screens below.

Large Format Touch Screen Display

For Standard Sizes Visit:  IR Touch Frame Overlay