Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor Digital Signage is the new normal and a fixed part of our culture and marketing experience in the United States. Making a statement, providing assistance and way-finding are all options with outdoor signage.

Digital Signage Kiosks, Digital Window Displays, Outdoor LED Signage, Outdoor Wayfinding and more are all possible anywhere on earth with the right outdoor display solution.

There are many options for outdoor digital signage, take a look at the options below to determine what may work best for you.

3 Things to know about digital signage:

  1. Yes you can install digital signage outdoors
  2. There is a difference between outward facing and outdoor signage
  3. Not all technology can be placed in direct sunlight or outward facing

Outdoor Kiosks

In the picture you can see an outdoor kiosk that is installed directly outside in the elements, this is an installation in South Florida with high heat and humidity. This display has an integrated closed loop cooling system and high brightness monitor with integrated computer and touch screen.

Outdoor Digital Signage FL

Digital Signage Behind Glass

Outward facing digital signage is very common as it reduces the risk of placing digital display technology directly outside in the elements.

In the picture shown you can see a high brightness monitor behind glass. This is a 2000 nit display capable of being installed in direct sunlight without harmful side effects. It is important to understand that not all displays can be placed in direct sunlight for a few reasons.

Reasons for proper display type in shop windows:

  1. Standard displays are not bright enough. Typically the standard LCD monitor is 300 nits, to see with high ambient or direct sunlight 1000 nits is required minimum.
  2. High brightness displays used in outdoor digital signage applications have additional cooling systems to keep the monitor form overheating.
  3. Most digital signage is 24/7 usage type and you want to have a display that is rated for that application.

Outdoor Digital Signage Touch Screen

Magic Windows

A great option for street facing outdoor digital signage is a Magic Window full motion video display. This high brightness long life LED display is capable of direct sunlight installation and can be seen anytime of day.

Benefits of Transparent Magic Window Video Displays:

  1. Ultra high brightness video technology
  2. 85% transparency in-window video display technology
  3. Low power consumption based on sq footage and brightness
  4. Play anything you can on a TV or window display
  5. Custom Sizes available based on window size