Displaying HD video on content on your glass is easier then you think. No matter if it is a retail storefront, museum, art gallery, corporate lobby or in-store display then projection on glass is a great solution.

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With projection on glass technologies you can use nearly any piece of glass anywhere to create high definition digital displays on your existing glass. Simply pair a rear projection film with a projector and you will have video on glass in no time.

Projection on Glass ExampleWhat is Projection on Glass:

Rear projection films are thin window tint like films that are available in a few different color options. Each color has specific value or benefits and strengths, below you will find a description of each film and some of the individual benefits associated with them.

Rear Projection Film Options:

  • Grey rear projection film: adds contrast and image depth to projected image, great for contrast rich requirements and is considered the go to film of the group. Definition film is named for just that reason as adds some definition to the projected image and allows for some sunlight resistance as well.
  • White rear projection film adds no added contrast but does add some brightness to the projected image. We have clients that exclusively purchase Accent Film and nothing else, it does seem to come down to preference when testing on most cases.
  • Clear or transparent rear projection film is an option when needed, this film starts at 97% clear and can get as clear as 99.5% transparency. The need for transparent projection film has risen steadily every year since we launched it in 2006 and continues gain popularity. Intrigue film is a great option for floating video on glass and simulated 3D type experiences.
  • Dark Grey or Black rear projection film is the deepest color option available and when not projected on has a near architectural high end slate grey look. This offers incredible deep rich color saturated images that must be seen to believe and are often the choice for showcase or focal point projection on glass displays. Definition Pro was designed for the increased demand for HD projection displays and ultra contrast requirements.

No matter which film you choose for your projection on glass display, you will find that people are typically captivated with the concept. To capitalize on the power of frame-less video on glass that seems to magically float on the surface we recommend sizing your film slightly smaller then the glass size.

Floating Projected Image on Glass

For a truly one of kind display you may choose to dramatically under-size your projection on glass display and allow it to float with no border near it for several inches are in some cases several feet. By allowing the video to float you will capitalize on the wow factor and draw even more attention to your display and or storefront etc. with floating video on glass.

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