Projector Outdoor Enclosure

Install your projector outdoor enclosure anywhere, any projector, any location. Fan Cooled, Climate Controlled, UST projector enclosures and more for any outdoor application.

Projector Outdoor Enclosure Climate Controlled Orlando

Fan Cooled Projector Enclosure

Installing a projector outdoors is possible and safe when placed in an outdoor projector enclosure. SSI projector enclosure are weather-tight, aluminum construction, thermostatic fan cooled projector protectors.

With enclosures installed and in operation around the world in many applications and environmental requirements for 15 years, we have experience that will make your projector enclosure installation safe and secure outdoors.

With 4 standard fan cooled projector enclosures that accommodate 95% of projectors. Each enclosure is vandal resistant, easy to access, quick installation and proven to protect projectors anywhere.

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Projector Outdoor Enclosure Fan Cooled - Covered Patio Outside

Outdoor Home Theater Projection

Enjoy the outdoors and a movie night without the need to worry about bringing the projector in and out, finding something to set it on and fussing with the focus. Install a projector outdoor inside an enclosure and eliminate the hassle, now you can enjoy your outdoor home theater in seconds.

Protect your projector year round in any environment or climate you want to place it in.

Cold Winters, no problem. Hot Summers, no problem. Rain, Wind, Snow, Ice, Humidity, Dust, Sand and even theft can be detrimental to outdoor installation of projectors; not anymore.

Outdoor UST Projector Enclosure

Ultra Short Throw Enclosures enable a UST projector to be placed outside in any weather condition. The angle of the light path on ultra short throw projectors requires a specialized enclosure for this type of projector.

The SSI Fan Cooled UST outdoor projector enclosure is designed to accommodate nearly 100 UST type projectors currently available. Integrated thermostatic fan cooling, internal projector mount, powder coat finish, optional adjustable wall mount and locking large access door are some of the features.

Learn more about UST Projector Enclosures

UST Housing Drawing for UST Projector

Projector Outdoor Short Throw Enclosure UST

Chinese Theater Projector Outdoor Enclosures Los Angeles

Outdoor UST Projector Enclosure Climate Control

Similar to our fan cooled UST Projector Enclosures, the line of Climate Control UST Outdoor Projector Enclosures is specifically designed to accommodate UST Projectors with UST Lenses.

These specialty lenses Epson ELPX01, ELPX02 and the Panasonic ET-D75LE95/D75LE90 are made to project large images in extremely short distances.

SSI’s Air Conditioned Closed Loop projector enclosure accommodates the unique projection angle while protecting the projector 24/7/365 in a climate controlled enclosure.

UST Projector Box

UST Projector Enclosure Outdoors

Install projectors outside no matter the size, form 1000 to 30,000 lumens, critical factors to consider are airflow and filter maintenance. Thermostatic fan cooling maximizes filter life and reduces unnecessary frequent  filter replacement, SSI recommends assessing your filter change frequency based on your environment.

Easy mounting solutions are offered for Base Mount, Pole Mount, Suspension Mount and Wall Mount Applications. Contact SSI for details and requirements for your specific requirements.


Screen Solutions Int designs, manufactures and consults on projector enclosure projects around the world. Standard and Custom projector enclosure design and production capabilities. Contact SSI today for your projector protector requirements.

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