Video on glass is not a new concept in projection just a new application and style, Screen Solutions has been projecting video onto glass since 2005. Rear projection films have come a long way since then and are now very thin and now offer a very high resolution image that has an , rear projection films also offer greater options for applications because of the built in adhesives and easy application method. Rear projection film is a little thicker than a piece of paper and is specifically designed for a projected image to be accept and evenly dispersed across the screen.

Different rear projection films offer different optical properties and also different viewing types

Intrigue film is a clear or transparent film offering 97% transparency while maintaining image quality

Definition film offers ultra high contrast (independent of your projectors contrast value) and also works very well in uncontrolled lighting situations

Accent film is a ultra bright rear projection film that works very well in any setting from uncontrolled lighting to more complicated projection designs with short throw lenses and mirror rigs.

Anti Glare Film is often a much needed accessory to projection film on glass applications where glare is overwhelmingly detracting from your view-ability.

All of this adds up to rear projection film being a leader in the projection market and growing as the preferred option for digital advertising in unique and out of the box extraordinary applications. For a product demonstration and or more information please call Screen Solutions at 888-631-5880