Rear Projection Film DisplayWe get asked all the time how the image on the back side of the rear projection film will look when the display is being used, this is not the easiest question to answer because there are many variables that need to be addressed Ambient lighting – this plays a huge role in how the back side of the film will look, if ambient lighting is low then the image on the back side will be more visible, if the ambient light is high such as a store front window with direct sunlight the rear side image will be less visible The Rear Projection Film you choose – just like ambient light the film you are projecting on plays a huge role in this, Accent and Intrigue films are less likely to have a rear side viewable image than Definition or Definition Pro films would be because they block less light out from the front and rear Projector/Lumens – the projector you choose and the amount of lumens you throw at the rear side of the film will increase or decrease the rear side view in low ambient light and high ambient light and on any of the films, this also varies based on the size of the image you are projecting. Best bet is to speak with one of our customer service representatives and they will help you specify the correct film and projector for your installation location