Re-Invent, Re-Engage, Re-Ignite your marketing, teaching and events messages with a Spherical Projection System.

Your message is important, how you communicate that message is critical for retention and impact. Spherical projection system displays are engaging, informative, captivating and awe inspiring.

Imagine a full motion HD video globe with Your Content, Your Logo, Your Message for Your Audience.

24" Spherical Projection System - Genentech Tradeshow

Stunning Impact with Spherical Projection Systems

With their stunning visual impact, spherical projection systems provide a one of a kind captivating experience – viewers take one look and drag others over to watch. Whether you put one in a tradeshow booth, a store, a lobby or an office, owning a projection sphere means that more people will pay attention to what you have to say…and they’ll pay attention for longer.

If attention is what you’re after, a spherical projection system is ideal. However, that’s just a starting point for the results a Magic Planet can deliver. With its 360° line of sight, and its true interactivity, projection spheres represent the next generation of digital signage and “in-store” advertising. Magic Planets can be integrated with touch-screen kiosks, 3rd party applications such as merchandising systems, even with games, so you can draw people in, and interactively escort them all the way to your final business objective.

Picture This – Keeps Kids Engaged and Participating

Find out how a projection spheres improved student results by 16%

If this will work with kids at school then this will work for anyone in any environment. Use a projection sphere to Captivate, Inspire and Motivate.

How does spherical projection system technology work?

Spherical projection system technology is a projector based system. The projector is a critical component but not the only piece that makes this function. The specialty spherical projection lens and patented technology allows for proper light distribution around the entire sphere.

Light dispersion is critical to avoid hotspots or bright spots around the sphere. Seeing the entire projected image without abnormalities is a must.

Projection Sphere Systems include the following:

  • Projector
  • Lens
  • Seamless Sphere
  • Computer
  • Base

Every system we offer is made up of the same components, but each globe is completely unique with the content that is presented.

24" Projection Sphere Globe - Spherical Projection System Museum of Science, Boston MA

3' Projection Sphere_Globe_Syracuse

3' Projection Sphere Globe - NASA Exhibit

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