Have you ever been in the middle of a hot game, or watching a memorable moment in your epic series movie, but had to go to the bathroom? For me, the answer is “many times”!

As is common in nature, necessity is the mother of invention. The mirror TV is an innovation that can help you catch your favorite programs even in the bathroom, or groom yourself before attending a board meeting.

But here’s the deal…

We don’t want you to go out there and buy the first mirror TV you can lay your hands on. So we’ve prepared a handy guide in the form of this article, to help you make the right mirror TV purchase decision.

What is A Mirror TV?

Technology has afforded us a wonderful world. Just think of any problem. Chances are that there is a solution through technology, or someone is working on a possible solution.

While the idea is simple, mirror TVs are highly advanced gadgets, which you can place on your office desk or dressing table. A mirror TV is a two-way polarized mirror with an LCD TV mounted at the back. When the TV is turned on, its light passes through. Otherwise, it acts as a clear mirror.

Think about this:


You walk into your bathroom where you groom yourself using a very clear mirror. Then, at the press of a button, it turns into a TV that displays all your favorite shows. And it mustn’t only be in the bathroom. Think of any situation where you would need a screen and a mirror on one device.

Initially, mirror TVs were designed for luxury hotels. However, there has been such an overwhelming demand for them that they are now in reach of the public. Let us now look at what you need to look for in a mirror TV.

What to Consider When Buying a Mirror TV

Mirror TV’s Quality

Like any other electronic device, you should not compromise on the quality of the mirror TV. That’s why you are advised to look at all the brands and models available to you and their features before making the decision.

Ideally, go for a brand that you trust. If two models from different brands have the same features, check out the warranty agreement and the return policy. You don’t want to go for a make that if it turns out unsatisfactory, can cause a lot of grief in getting repairs or returned to the manufacturer.

If you are unsure of what make is best for you, please ask your friends who have a mirror TV. You can also comb through different online forums to find information about other people’s experiences with mirror TVs, and any problems or surprises they came across.

Mirror TV’s Size

You will come across an array of mirror TV screen sizes. You should get the mirror TV that takes as much of the available wall or desk space as possible. This means that there should be some proportionality between the wall you want to mount the screen on and the screen size. You will always regret buying a smaller screen than a larger screen.



If you buy a large screen, you want to ensure that it is safely mounted on the wall. The last thing you want is your $10,000 mirror TV crashing on the floor and disintegrating into a thousand different pieces. Get professional installation services.

You also want to make sure that the cables are well-insulated and hidden, especially if you are using the mirror TV in the bathroom. This will prevent the risk of electric shocks or short-circuiting that may destroy the TV and endanger your life.

Mirror TV’s Cost

At the moment of writing this article, mirror TVs cost on average between $2,000 and $10,000. The price, of course, depends on the size, brand, and features of the mirror TV.


If you go for a waterproof mirror TV, it is obviously going to be more expensive than one without waterproof features. Make sure that you really need the features you are paying for in the mirror TV

Based on this, you can decide on whether to go ahead with the mirror TV purchase or go for an alternative such as an LED video wall. Also, it is wise to think of the interfaces you need for a mirror TV. If you’ll use the screen as a computer monitor, make sure it has the right ports so you can connect the auxiliary devices.

Mirror TV’s Color

Even though this is not related to functionality, the color of the mirror TV will either suit or clash with the decor in a room. A good rule of thumb is that if you are installing it in the kitchen cabinet, choose a classic black mirror TV.

If you plan to install it in the bathroom, then go for a polished silver mirror TV. If you want it in your bedroom, then pearl white would be the best choice. These are not hard rules, and you are free to choose whichever color pleases you.

Benefits of Buying a Mirror TV

One of the benefits of a mirror TV over its plasma and LCD counterparts is that it is slimmer and lighter. This makes it easy to mount on a wall or even move around on your desk.

If you will use the mirror TV in the bathroom, you will enjoy its double functionality as a mirror and as a screen. Since the bathroom is a damp environment, waterproof mirror TVs allow you to use not only in the bathroom but also in the bathtub!


If you are a tech freak, then buying a mirror TV will definitely add to your collection of cool technologies. With a high-definition TV, the flat screen offers a superb viewing experience. 

You can also use mirror TV as a bedside dresser. You could even hang it above the fireplace to reflect the flames for a cool effect. And the best thing about the mirror TV is absolutely maintenance free.

Whether you install the mirror TV in the bathroom or bedroom, make sure that you choose the location carefully. If in the bedroom, have it installed where you can watch while in the bed without twisting your body to injure your spine. If in the bathroom, have it installed directly in front of the bathtub so you can enjoy watching as you take a bath.


Even though buying a new TV can increase the visual appeal of your room, it can certainly pinch your pocket. But then again, it will let you flaunt your great tastes. And in a world of fast-changing technology, being tech-savvy is certainly a great idea.

Mirror TVs allow you to use a surface as both a mirror and a display. You can use it on your office desk, in the bathroom, and with the waterproof models, in the bathtub as well. And with their introduction to the mass market, you have access to a wide selection.


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