touch foil in real estate display

Screen Solutions International supplies Touch Foils for in-window and through-glass touch screen applications.  WindowAgent combines their Real Estate Marketing Software with Screen Solutions Touch Foil products to produce cutting edge, lead generation displays for brokers and agents across the US, Canada, and beyond.  Touch Foils and WindowAgent Software enable Real Estate professionals to provide an interactive Real Estate experience for their prospective clientele on a 24/7 basis using their existing store front windows.  Users are able to search live, real time MLS listings, view high resolution property photos, and even use social media like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to send listing information to themselves for later viewing, or to share properties they are interested in with friends.
Combining Screen Solutions Touch Foils and WindowAgent Software puts users in the driver’s seat – allowing them to customize their Real Estate search to their individual needs, and enjoy a pressure free, interactive experience they aren’t soon to forget.

Interactive real estate software display

Many agents and brokers refer to WindowAgent Interactive Software as, “another 24/7 member of their team,” and describe the process of lead capturing to home sales as, “a fresh and new way to gain first contact with a customer.”  Some professionals are using this interactive display combination in malls and other busy locations, or to train new agents on what prospective customers are looking for and how they search Real Estate listings.  SSI Touch Foils give cutting edge companies like WindowAgent the ability to place their software platform in unprecedented locations and within 24/7 access to potential customers.   Whether placed on storefronts or in high foot traffic areas, Touch Foils and WindowAgent Software are invaluable marketing tools empowering brokers and agents to reach new prospects and increase their business.

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