Transparent Front Projection Film for Glass

We have been asked for many years about a transparent front projection film on clear and we have found a way to try and make our current solutions work. For 15 years we have provided solutions for transparent rear projection film on glass with great results and thousands of applications all over the world.


We are excited to formally announce that we are now offering a Front Projection Clear Film that was worth the wait.

Projection on glass and maintaining a transparent look is completely possible with our brand new transparent front projection film. This front projection film is nearly completely clear with a minimal haze effect and offers the ability to capture more of the projected light then ever before possible.

The video below shows a sample front projection film being projected on with an ultra short throw projector and offers a glimpse of the video quality possible with this new transparent front projection film. The main feature being the benefit of being able to project on the front side and maintain the projected image without sacrificing image quality.

Our previous front projection film was not transparent at all, it would not allow any light past the projection surface. This new film is completely different as it is near 100% completely clear. This new film solves the requirement of front projection, clear film, see-thru capability.

Transparent projection film can be applied to glass surfaces and acrylic. With roll width at 60″/1.5m you can accomplish a seamless 122″ diagonal screen size.

Transparent Film Features and Benefits:

  • Large Roll Width: 60″/1.5m Wide
  • Ultimate Clarity: 98.5%
  • Ease of Installation: Adhesive Layer for quick install
  • Dual Sided Viewing (view on front or rear)
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Front Side Projection: Project on and view on same side
  • Cut into any shape or size
  • Use with any projector: Short Throw, Ultra Short Throw, Standard Projectors
  • Installs on glass or plastic surfaces

Transparent Front Projection Film Picture

In addition to the new Front Projection Film we also have add the following:

  • Dual View Clear
  • Dual View Gray
  • Dual View White

All of these projection films are capable of showing the image on front and rear with increased image quality and brightness.

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Transparent Front Projection Film on Glass