Interactive Touch Screen Design

With interactive technology growing in popularity and functionality at a rapid rate, there are so many options when it comes to touch screen design. For example embedded touch screens can can completely transform an otherwise static retail storefront into an exciting and captivating customer magnet.

AV Integrators, Architects and Content Creation Agencies are all preparing for this transition into our “Interactive World”; digital signage has showed an average of 35% growth each year for the last few years and industry professionals do not anticipate any sign of this wave slowing down.

With the recent surge of iPhone, iPad, Ebook Readers and Smartphone’s that have inundated our culture it is clear that touch screens are becoming a must have if we are to relate to our customers and retail traffic. Social Media is just one more clearly defined reality that people in general want to interact with other people, we want to have a voice in the world and some level of control in our lives. If you recognize this fact and allow yourself the opportunity to leverage it in your business with the use of a touch screen integrated into your business model you will bridge the ever widening gap between local business and local consumers.

As touch screen technology has become more popular and commonplace lower prices, increased availability and integration assistance is now a reality as well. There are several types of touch screens technologies available today with Thru-glass Touch Foils and IR Bezels becoming the Integrator and DIY choice due to the ease of setup and installation into current and custom configurations.

Integrate touch screen designs into almost any clear flat surface, when thru-glass touch screen films are used in conjunction with rear projection films you can really start to get creative! Incorporate an Infrared IR Bezel onto your new or existing flat screen and transform your TV into an interactive display experience.

Incorporate a touch screen design into your next tradeshow booth or exhibit and provide customers a physical connection with your marketing message. Add a giant iphone touch screen display into your next design concept. Connecting with your clients is all about relating to them in a method or style they can identify with. Give your customers the ability to control some portion of their experience and they will thank you for it.

Interactive touch screen design can be utilized in partnership with rigid rear projection screens, rear projection films, LCD, LED, Plasma TV’s and more to create interactive display surfaces. Curved surfaces can even become touch enabled with the use of thru-glass touch screen foils. Let your imagination loose and your creativity soar! A Professional interactive consultants and integration company will be able to provide both standard and custom sizes; in addition they should be capable of adding value to your business design and technical assistance.

As this technology continues to gain traction and market share you can expect that there will be the “make a quick sale” type of merchants that will provide little to no added value and focus on the initial sale leaving you stranded and looking for help.

More often than not becoming proficient with any technology takes some amount of time; if you have a desire to grow your business with interactive offerings now is a great time to study up and prepare for this wave this is just now coming into shore.

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