RP Privacy Glass

RP Privacy Glass

Electric glass, rear projection privacy glass

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Screen Solutions RP Privacy smart glass is a laminated product either in glass or polycarbonate that appears opaque, like frosted glass, when turned off, and becomes transparent once an electrical current is applied.

Screen Solutions International is proud to offer the only complete UL Approved rear projection (RP) Smart Glass panel system in the industry.

Screen Solutions rear projection privacy glass (RP) is specifically designed to be used as a rear projection screen when in its frosted state or its transparent state.

In its frosted state our RP glass is like our Accent screen and when in its transparent state is like our Intrigue screen, All this is done with standard projectors.

Privacy door / electric glass door

RP Glass is made specific to each order and can be made into custom shapes, sizes and designs. This product can be used as interior panels or as exterior glass or windows, we can also provide it in a variety or thicknesses and coatings can be added for better energy efficiency.

It is manufactured by custom order to meet your projects specification. RP glass panels come in sizes up to 47”x102 and are tiled to make larger displays

Gneral Uses

• Boardrooms / Conference Rooms
• Healthcare Facilities
• Fitness Centers
• Bedrooms / Bathrooms
• Residential
• Automotive
• Marine
• Executive Offices
• Retail / Lobby Spaces
• Commercial
• Aviation

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