Touch Screens

Screen Solutions now offers Touch screens for rear projection screens, LCD, LED TV's, and projection films

touch screens - projection touch screen

This incredible system will allow people on the street to make choices regarding products and services by simply touching your window, even when your store is closed. Now you can extend your opening hours and let people interact and choose what is of interest to them. Deliver more detailed content, collect customer feedback and enhance your large screen display. Through glass touch screens are easy to install. No need to redesign the layout of your shop front, or cut into the glass window from the street. The Thru-Glass touch screen is produced from the same material used in high demanding applications including ATM’s, web phones, medical displays, pay-at the pump machines. Combine any of our rigid or film projection screens with an interactive touch screen foil and you have a fully integrated interactive screen that can be used with any standard projector

This product suits a wide range of applications and is ideal for large format interactive digital signage such as retail shop windows, advertising, promotion and exhibitions. This unique and stylish way to communicate with customers is also very cost effective in creating large scale information and viewing experiences.
• Functions through glass 20mm thick • No need to fix anything to exterior • Excellent viewing angle • Wide range of screens sizes available • Works with holographic or diffusion • Suitable in high ambient light installs • Vandal & shock resistant • Long life expectancy • Single cable for power & connection • Easy to clean We offer Dealers and integrator dealer pricing on all touch products as well as service and support Call or email today for your pricing
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