Understanding Rear Projection Screen Surfaces

Rear Projection Screens are specifically designed to accept a projected image from digital projectors on the rear or back side of the screen. There are many very specific benefits to rear projection screens.  One of the biggest benefits is that the image is transmitted through the screen instead of being reflected off the screen as with front projection screens. When the video image is rear projected you will never need to worry about shadows in the way of your viewing experience from people or objects being in front of the projected image coming from the projector itself.

Rear Projection Film Screen on Storefront Retail Window TVIt is important to understand also that all screens as with most technology are not created equal, as you are researching rear projection screen surfaces be sure to investigate and learn about what it is you are purchasing and investing in. Most every rear projection screen on the market is lacking one very specific and important element – technology.

In today’s society technology in general is advancing at a very rapid rate.  It seems as if everyday there is an extreme leap in just about any category you can imagine. The rear projection screen industry is also in on the technology advancement and is making very positive and impressive leaps in technology.  99% of all technology advancements are made in the hardware side of the industry. Projectors, Media Players, Audio Systems and even Signal Cables are making great strides of improvement.  The question is why has the projection screen market not advanced significantly in the last 20 years?

Fabric rear projection screens are usually one of two types – chalk coated fabric or a type of sophisticated cheese cloth that holds an image.  The question is this…….why is that good enough for the Audio Visual industry?

Screen Solutions Rear Projection Screens are what we like to call intelligent plastic.  SSI rear projection screens are primarily acrylic based products and each start in a liquid acrylic state. When the acrylic is in its liquid state the diffusion particles and “special sauce” is added to the mix creating this truly “intelligent plastic”.  Screen Solutions Front and Rear Projection Rigid Screens and Adhesive Rear Projection Film Screens are crafted to enhance and intensify your viewing experience and not just provide a better than nothing rear projection surface.

When considering a rear projection screen for your next home theater, corporate tradeshow, retail window, interactive museum or any project remember one piece of information.  “All eyes are on the screens.” that can be the difference between a successful projection system installation and an ok or good enough viewing experience.